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i got a facebook message from a friend telling me that my pictures had been featured on la ink. PICK. ME. UP. OFF. THE . FLOOR. PLEASE!! i surfed through all the youtube videos to see if it had been posted there yet. it was way too fresh for youtube so, knowing tlc is the god of re-runs, i found the episode and set it to record. meanwhile, several friends and blog readers sent me sweet notes to confirm if it really had been my pictures. i emailed, lyndsay, my client and friend to verify the whole story: a year ago we took some very special family pictures. lyndsay and mario had just adopted lucy, and they wanted to celebrate with an official family picture. i was honored they asked me to be a part of this historical time in their life. a year later lyndsay wanted to do something to commemorate the adoption; she decided on something permanent: a tattoo from the famous shop in la which has now inked itself into a major television show. i finally was able to see the show, and got all giddy when these two images displayed on the screen.



i get emotional thinking about this little family, and how the fates brought them together at a certain moment in time, but how they were always meant to be.

as if that wasn’t enough…

a few days after linz and i had been in contact over the la ink sighting, she sent me another email: “Are you ready for this? I submitted your photo of Lucy on the steps to Adoptive Families Magazine’s photo contest and it’s one of the winners!!!!!! Are you screaming? I’m screaming!!!!!

It’s going to be in the Nov/Dec issue, with your photo credit, in all it’s awesome, beautiful glory! Woohoo!!!!! 

…. I’m so excited!!!! Your work is going to be in a national magazine!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh yeah, and they want me to send them more!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!”


linz…this is me…aaahahhahahahahahhahhhahahhhahahhhhhh!!!!!!…screaming!!

thank you so much for submitting one of my photographs; that alone makes me feel like a winner! 😉 i feel so blessed to have people in my life like lindsay, mario, and lucky lady lucy. thank you for making some magic happen and for making me feel so special and so loved!! can’t wait to see you guys again. in the mean time, feel free to enter me in any contest you come across! 😉 can’t wait to see that magazine!!

hope everyone is lucky today, enjoying a labor-free day with those you love, kj