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i just got home from a few days in vegas. i went with close friends and colleagues that i admire and appreciate. it was one of those trips when you come home you feel, happy to be coming home, but truly sad that the trip had to end because it was SO. MUCH. FUN. we went to vegas for a huge photography convention help every year. it’s great. days filled with speakers ready to infuse knowledge and inspiration into your practices. one photographer, jerry ghionis, shared how he shot a recent wedding in-between regular shots with his camera with his iphone. i LOVED what i saw and decided i wanted to try the same! i asked my most recent shoot if she would mind if we played around a bit in between takes. she was on board and i loved what we got. i shot all of these images on my iphone, ran the filter rise from instagram on them, resized them in photoshop, added my watermark, and this was the outcome. not something for the living room wall, but certainly something for the walls of the creative mind!

thank you miranda for the fun and for being willing.

i hope you will look closer at these images. in a few, the longer you do so, the more you see. like this one:

enjoy an interesting take on someone who is really beautiful.