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gunnar’s got a best buddy named caden. these two were born two months apart (it was totally planned), and are seriously brothers, from other mothers. for gun’s bday we had caden over for a few nights of drop down on the ground pajamie jamie jamin’. i interviewed gun the other day about his bff. i was in stitches then and am again now, reviewing his candid responses.

gun loves his buddy so much; we do too.


this was my interview with gun about his best friend. his responses were completely unprompted or solicited. i just asked and wrote and laughed inside and loved everything he said about his buddy.

who’s caden?

caden’s my friend.

what’s your nickname for him?


do you ever call him that?

no, but i will.

what does he look like?

sometimes he has spiky hair. sometimes flat. sometimes no hair. sometimes he be’s mellow. we just color all the time.

what color eyes does he have?

i don’t know. blue?


what do you like best about him?

he always has sleep overs.

what does he do that’s funny?

he makes me laugh when he’s in the tub and says, “kookkook kawk.”

what do you like about caden’s house?

april lives there, and he has the same scooter.

what are the two of you going to do this summer?

watch the trash truck and eat ice cream.

what do you think caden is good at?

jumping up and down on the rug. riding a bike without training wheels.


what food do you like to eat when you are at caden’s house?

chicken and salsa (april and matt…he know’s what’s good for him! ;))

what do you like to play with caden?

transformers and bakugons

favorite thing about him?

his spiky hair

what’s caden’s favorite food?


where do you like to go with caden?

the pizza place and ruby’s

if you were fin who would caden be?


if you were a pea, what would caden be?

a poop (hahahahaa!! i loved that pun!! he thought i said pee…so good!)


what’s caden’s favorite color?


what’s caden’s favorite show?

spongebob (i think he started answering for himself.)

if you were ironman who would caden be?


do you wish caden was your real brother?

oh, yes mom, i do. (this is when i started getting emotional)

how would you feel if he was your real brother?

happy in my heart.


because i love him


do you want to marry his sister addison?

NO! i WANT to marry YOU! (another point in an essay on the oedipus complex; feel free to use this one too.)

what do you want to tell him?

i love you. i miss you. i want you to come and spend the night for three nights.


what else do you want to say?

i like snuggling him. (since they are both 5 let’s not worry about that one right now. :))

cadenman!! we love you so much!! can’t wait for your birthday and some time with you! we are so grateful for you and your parents and your sister!! we love you guys and are so happy that our families have each other!!! thanks for being gun’s wingman and bff forever!!! 😉