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when i was young my neighbors got a new play house complete with swing set and attached slide. everyone on the block was ultra excited about it. it was almost as if we had never seen anything like it before in our lives. or the fact that something so spectacular could exist in a backyard was beyond belief. we played there after school every day, for weeks. months. probably a full year. one day my friend and i had the whole play structure to ourselves. i couldn’t believe it. the whole structure. TO OURSELVES!!! i ran outside as fast as i could and jumped for a swing. the next part is hazy, but i do remember landing flat on my back and feeling like i couldn’t breath. to date, it is one of my scariest recollections. i didn’t know what was happening, but i felt like i was going to die. at least i’d die by the beloved play house and swing set. if i was lucky they would bury me under it. then i would for sure be the last kid to play there! 😉 after some significant spinning, and a surreal haze settling in i finally took a breath. then another, and another until finally i could breath again, steadily. the power of the play place could not be minimized. it was a force greater than any i had ever known. it literally knocked the wind right out of me.

louise and antonio are the adult equivalent to the childhood swing set/ play place. the second we met, while we were shooting, and then revisiting their images post process i metaphorically had the wind knocked out of me! i guess that’s what being in love with something or someone will do to you!

may your wind be knocked right out of you too!!

potentially my favorite:

louise and antonio, i hope i can breath at your wedding!! it is going to be nothing short of spectacular, just like the swing set/ play place of long ago!! 😉 thank you so much for the opportunity to be there!! much, much love to you both!!! so excited to see you again!! cheers, kj