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i promise no one was hurt in the creating of this image.

i also promise alcohol was not involved. if you don’t believe me ask my closest friends; they will swear to it. this is just me, well, being, me, peace signing it all over the place.


photo credit for that one goes to amanda and her trusty disposable camera. you should attend a workshop just to meet her and be photographed by her; it’s an experience of a lifetime.

the irony and hilarity with this next image is so profound.

photo credit: joy, super star, grainger


all jokes in my pockets, for a minute at least, i loved the california workshop. the day was filled with everything i had planned it to be an so, so, so much more. the end felt like the final day at summer camp; you know when you make all these incredible friends with whom you have so much common, and you have to say goodbye to them not knowing when you will meet again and with them not knowing if they will ever know how much they meant to you during that week, or for me, during that day.

one of my favorite feelings is connection, on any level, and i feel that that happened for so many of us at the california kj workshop. it was an incredible day!!

photo credit for the next three goes to sweet, and hysterical joy. come to the next workshop just to meet her. 😉




it was an incredible day filled with inspiration and education, advice and fried rice (i wish! i just needed something that rhymed with “vice” ;)), friends and phenominal photographs.

this just being one of them:

photo credit again, to amanda. i see second shooting in your future a!! for sure.


i am smiling thinking about everyone who came out; such incredible people and talent. it was humbling to have all that positive emotion and energy in one room. from my heart, once again, thank you to everyone who came and was a part of the workshop. it took a creative team to get it all together and a group of eager photographers to make it happen. i am thankful for you all and the sacrifices you made to be a part of it; grateful, very grateful. i am so happy to have you as a part of my little community. thank you again for coming to kick it with me!!

and the credits roll, but first another funny.

again, assistant extraordinaire took this, interesting composition amanda. did you crop julie out because she was slipping the salt shaker into her purse? just curious?


seriously now. roll credits.

workshop hostess: kamee june

tweedle dee and tweedle dumb (i am totally kidding, and they know it!!!! :)) : totally rad and incredible assistants and workshop coordinators:

amanda schiavi and joy grainger

valuable packet compiler: bethany graham

little customized kj touches: shannon eberhardt

genius stylings: katrina kirk and diana lopez (both these ladies can be found at hello beautiful salon.)

one of the ladies in this image was a stylist for the workshop. hard to tell which one, i know, but take a guess. i was standing right by her and she didn’t even offer to touch up my hair and make up. the nerve. 😉

we know who to give photo credit to. the amazing flash and image quality gives it away:


models extraordinaire: kara keough and kyle bosworth

and the chino airport for allowing us to shoot on their grounds, and flo’s restaurant (thank you to “flo” and the guy in the salmon shirt for filling in as “extras”! ;))

i have two regrets. only two. we failed, again, to get a group picture. arghhh!! AND the shoot was just a little too easy for all of us. because these two worked. it. out.




photo credit: joy, non-disposable user









i have a strange obsession with world war ii; the whole era actually. i am fascinated by all of it. i knew when katrina and i checked out the air field that i wanted to do something with that vibe. she and diana took the idea and made it happen. the airport couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for the feel of the shoot.

once again. regret two: they made it way too easy for us. (i was actually so pleased that everyone walked away with such incredible images. ;))






photo credit: joyyyyyeeeeeeee






perhaps my favorite. perhaps.


when we visited flo’s i knew we had to shoot there. when they told us we could, i was beside myself.



i also knew that i wanted to have two looks. due to some circumstances beyond our control we didn’t have as much time to shoot the second, but i did love the subtle nuances between the two looks:

photo credit: danger grainger






it was for sure the best day in june. without a doubt. i would love to relive it if i could; my memories help with that. thank you again, to everyone for making them excellent memories.

a few reviews and more coverage from the day:

kapua grenz photography

michelle peterson photography

julie rollins photography

wendy kathleen photography

sarah nicole photography

rhonda bowman photography

another heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended, shared, contributed, and was involved in the workshop; i am so thankful to you all.

AND NOW…some important dates!!


there will be another kj workshop held in california on OCT 2nd. email me to reserve your spot ( registration for it will run the closer we get. if you know you will be able to come let me know a head of time and i will save you a seat.

i will also have information for my side kicks (thanks for the idea rhonda) coming soon. these will be mini-ultra-mini workshops that cover an aspect of photography. i will have two a month, two hours each. each one will have a full shoot and you will be able to use all of the images in your portfolio. details and registration to follow, but put  SEPTEMBER 17th (lighting: how to maximize all types of light) and SEPTEMBER 24th (how to: shoot and work with families and kids). there will be limited space available so if you want in, think fast when registration rolls.

AND FINALLY… the denver workshop.

i am going to be in denver on business in early september. there was some buzz over a colorado workshop so we decided to make it a reality.

here’s the skinny:

the date: september 3rd, 2010

the location: the heart of downtown denver, colorado (details to follow)

the plan: the workshop will be split into two sessions to accommodate more photographers and their individualized interests.

kickin’ it in morning style

geared to the photography enthusiast interested in knowing what all the buttons mean and how to take a great picture; the photographer who is interested in a refresher course or perhaps a new perspective to fuse with a current one; all parents who want to take better pictures of their kids’ little league games, dance recitals, sleeping faces and bubble baths.

the morning session includes:

three hours of instruction time (9:00am-12:00pm), a full shoot, and some surprises i will have waiting for you. the class time will include my perspective, what i shoot with, how i shoot it, the way i shoot it, basically how i see things and where my inspiration comes from. i’ll cover some basics: lighting, equipment, and composition. i also plan to discuss several tips to help shoot a successful exposure of any subject. the morning session will also include two full kamee june’d  stylized shoots in totally rad downtown denver, and of course a q/a session.

kickin’ it  into the afternoon style

geared to the seasoned professional photographer; the photographer interested in starting a small business, and the junkie that wants to perfect his/her post processing prowess.

the afternoon session includes:

the class time will include ideas for marketing, branding, blogging, post processing tips and hints from photoshop, a few surprises, and of course a full q/a session; ask me whatever you want; i’ll disclose! 😉

you can choose to kick it just in the morning or kick it all day and soak it all up. the thought of shooting in downtown denver has me all giddy, like a school girl. it’s going to be incredible. right now we are planning two shoots: a family and a couple. it’s going to be incredible!

i grabbed this photo from kapua’s blog. credit to fabulous her:


the investment:

the morning kicker: $275.00

the full-day kicker: $445.00

your tuition includes instruction, two fully stylized shoots (perfect for adding to your portfolio), snacks, and a few goodies and surprises. plus the opportunity to add to your photography community by meeting new people and rubbing shoulders with other incredible creatives.

note: meals will not be provided by the workshop. we will have a break for lunch and you will be able to grab a bite at a local venue. we will also extend the day by having dinner together afterwards if you would like to join us. neither meal is included in the day’s tuition.

come! join us! it’s going to be another great day, i would go as far as to say the best day in september. i’m just saying.

reserve your seat by clicking below or fire me off an email if you have any questions or thoughts ( a full list of hotels and accomodations will come later. for now…


ticket to kick it

i would love to meet you!!

photo credit to kapua, again. 😉


once again. completely sober. just me having a great time with my new friends. if you come to the denver workshop you can insert your faces here, next to my crazy one! i grabbed this image from kapua’s blog.


here’s to denver, get ready for us, cuz we’re coming.