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baby and her brother.

nopixels2 We are home now and they are homesick for the cousins. Gunnar doesn’t know what to do with himself and Larkee cries because she isn’t held all the time. Good thing they have each other.



I have decided vacation is a double-edged sword. It feels so good to be away, but the work that I came home to is daunting. I am so far behind. Here’s to enjoying the moment, even if it is super occupied. At least my life is filled with things and people that make me happy and busy.

Speaking of…a sneak peek from a shoot yesterday of another baby growing way too fast. (I know I have been providing a lot of sneak peeks lately…that’s how busy I am. I will do my best to get to the posts asap. Plus I have some really great stuff from a carnival and a shoot with my sister and her family.  Pheewww. Busy. :))