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a new set of flashcards to add to the collection or to start the collection. i have been working on these for a while (there are 40 of them), in anticipation for last friday’s photoshop workshop.

they arrived just in time for the workshop, and each time i pass them in my office i smile at how cool they are!!

“The photoshop flashcards I got at the workshop are awesome! I love that they show both the “before” and “after” images, so the effects of the editing are clear. It is so helpful to be able to see both the shooting specs and the complete editing workflow–every single step including the opacity adjustments and specific action names. These flashcards are already printed for you and are the perfect size. I’ve already used them and adjusted my workflow. Thank you, thank you!”-rebecca diebolt


“The post processing flash cards are such treasures!  For me, post processing is such a daunting task, but kamee june generously reveals what she does to achieve her gorgeous signature look. It’s like finding the rosetta stone!  I love her style, so there was no question that the flashcards would be mine. ;)” –tracy allegre

the photoshop set includes 40 4×6 cards. (41 if you include the “before you kick off” card with ideas and suggestions to keep in mind before tackling the creative suite.)


i include the sooc image with the specs (aperture, shutter speed, and iso), the time of day and what light it was shot in, and the fully photoshop-ed card with the recipe on the back.







“Thank you so much for these amazing start to finish, complete editing flash cards!  As a photographer not only do all of the details regarding the actual shot matter, another huge importance is the way the photo is edited. I am someone who truly loves to craft every single image individually
because I feel that the editing process is so important when achieving the end result.  Not only do these cards offer all of the details on the particular shot but they also give you the exact recipe to follow in order to achieve the end result you have shown in the finished photo.  I love the
fact that that these flash cards push me creatively to try new editing techniques and more than that, I love the fact that they are so incredibly revealing and user friendly. Thank you so much!”–
julie rollins

the cards include tips on softening skin, improving skin tones, popping color without over popping, my basic kj recipe, and a few other tips and tricks to add some wow factor to your final images!!

a note on the photoshop cards: about 85% of my work post process is done with photoshop actions: totally rad actions, mcp, kubota, pioneer woman, etc. i mostly use totally rad and kubota. just something to keep in mind, that they are part of the recipes.

i would love for you to have these and add them to your already existing work flow and style. maybe add something new to spice things up a bit in terms of post processing?

the photoshop flash cards alone are on sale for $175.00 (plus a $15.00 shipping and handling fee.)

the other sets are 4×6 cards that have a picture i took on the front, then on the back they include the specs (aperture, shutter speed, and iso), the time of day and what light it was shot in, and a tip on how to get the same effect.  i currently have flash cards for: families, couples, kids, light, and composition. (these sets range from 15-20 cards/set.) you can buy the full set or buy them individually too.  couples, light, and composition are being sold for $35/set, and families and kids are being sold for $30/set (they only include a tip on the back not the specs or the time of day).

OR you can choose to buy all 6 sets (photoshop, composition, light, families, couples, and kids) together for $275.00(plus shipping and handling), an incredible savings!!!

“My holiday gift to myself was the complete set of photography flash cards from the incredible Kamee June! Amazing!! My love for photography and desire to learn more has always led me in search of new and inspiring tools and these are by far my favorites!!! I leave them sitting on my desk at all times and find myself looking through them often. Her photos along with her thought process for each photo on the index sized cards are encouraging and challenge my own creativity! Not only are they insightful and filled with many tips, they are beautiful and full of so much inspiration! I love them and cannot wait for the next batch!!!”kellie carter



“Kamee Nuzman was one of my high school English teachers. Needless to say, my first interaction with her was in a classroom. Just from her impact on the first day, I knew I was going to learn a great deal from her. She has that natural ability to teach, which is what always kept me motivated to learn.
Now, as a growing, passionate photographer, I know I needed good role models to teach me tricks of the trade. I believe a true testament of a good teacher is his or her ability to spread knowledge in a creative and understandable way.
Lucky for me, Kamee had the wisdom to share.
Lucky for you, she produced a tool to do so.
Kamee’s flashcards are the “good” kinda of homework that you always hoped for in school. The kind that engaged you, but taught you something, at the same time. The tips were incredibly helpful when shooting portraits and couples, and I loved the idea of including props in various shoots. I also found it extremely helpful to see the specs she used when determining my own mistake (and where I went wrong in my exposures). May you be just as inspired by her work in all the sets of flashcards she offers!”
ashley west

each set also includes a card with a list of things to make sure you know or do before you start shooting that particular subject or theme.


remember there is a price cut in families and kids because they only have a tip on the back, not the specs or the time of day.

“i just absolutely love mine. the very first thing i thought when i got them was i was getting all the secret recipes from a famous chef! and how grateful i was to receive such a great tool.
they not only are so creative . . . it’s were i draw my inspiration from.
i have placed mine all in a 3 ring binder with clear pages so i am able to refer back to them. i have put them in this order: lighting, kids, families, couples. they are so helpful on either what lighting you had, the lens that was used, aperture or f-stop. most of all i love the helpful hints that you have put on them. my favorite hint is about the kids flash cards and how you have explain for kids to just be who they are, and that could be crying, jumping up and down, or picking their nose. if that’s were they are at, then so be it. capture who they are.”
barbara hoffman


i would love for you to have these to add to your arsenal of text books and study guides for helping with your photographic journey! email me with any questions you might have about them! happy wednesday!!

kamee june flash cards