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“I know that Kamee works hard to write all of her blog posts and make them unique and special. So to help ease her load a bit (and ensure that no embarrassing stories of college life are shared), I thought I would write our family shoot’s blog post myself. Here goes:

“True friends are always together in spirit. (Anne Shirley)” – Lucy Maud Montgomery



You know those people who come into your life and you just know they will be a part of it forever? Those “kindred spirits” who feel like they have always been a part of your you? Kamee is one of those true friends.


IMG_2362englishfamilyblog We met *cough* seventeen *cough* years ago. Both of us had recently graduated from high school and our military fathers had been transferred to the same base in the midwest. We knew no one and that fact alone brought us together. But then we both got summer jobs at the same mall (lets just say that Kamee’s obsession with shoes is NOT new, and I refuse to eat at Sbarros anymore), we found that we both loved old classic movies, and we both headed off to the same college. We shared bad date stories, roommate drama, and even a trip to Glamour Shots. We both married hardworking men who got along splendidly. You can’t take a trip to Las Vegas and share a hotel room with just ANY other couple!


IMG_2181englishfamilyblog Over the years our lives have taken us to different states. We have gone months (and even years) without talking to each other. But when we do, it’s like no time has lapsed at all. We can pick up where we left off. We can be talking about the trials of difficult babies and balancing life one minute, and the next she is making me laugh so hard I think I am going to have to invest in some Depends.

I have loved watching Kamee’s talent as a photographer grow. It is so HER. Her attention to details, her desire for perfection, and her sense of humor (she kept a live Goldfish in an old blender when she was first married) all shine through in her photographs. So when our family decided to leave the dreary drizzle of Portland and head for some sunny fun of So. Cal., setting up family pictures with Kamee June was a no brainer. I even went the extra mile and scheduled a hair and makeup session with Katrina Kirk to fully embrace the experience. And neither one disappointed! It was so fun to be pampered by Katrina (who I believe is another kindred spirit — she is “my people,” as Kamee would say). And the photo shoot was laid back and fun. Even my husband Brian had a good time.


Looking through the shots that night, many took my breath away And many had me laughing *so* hard. If only I had enough wall space to post all of the bloopers. And with a four year old comic for a son, there was no shortage of those!

The personality of my children came through perfectly.


There is Jillise – the perfectionist. In every shot she is poised and smiling.


IMG_1627englishfamilyblog Joelle – my quick witted, kind hearted girl. She always has a spunky little twinkle in her eye.



And Jaren. These pictures speak for themselves. I love my girls, but this boy has my heart.


IMG_1892englishfamilyblog I will always treasure these pictures of Brian and I. So often one of us is behind the camera (or at work) and so very few pictures of the two of us together exist in the 12 years since our wedding. Mental note: do this more often.


IMG_2570englishfamilyblog Thank you for being you, Kamee. Thank you for sharing your talent, vision, and wit with all of us. I feel truly blessed to call you my friend. And I know that I’ll be able to call you that for a long, long time.”


paige, thank you for this! thank you for always touching my heart and making me feel so understood and safe! i am grateful for you and our friendship! thank you for the great visit!! next time we come to you, with our umbrellas!! we love you guys, kam and fam