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we all get it. it comes in different forms. it ebbs and flows, but we all, inevitably, get some sort of “‘itis”.

i love this time of year, for so many reasons: it’s the start of wedding season, the weather is perfect, we have a break from school and a bit of life, and also because of the senior shoots i have. i love shooting seniors! i love hearing about their current “‘itis”! 😉

i just finished writing an article for sandie gentry’s the sandbucket. the article’s theme was essentially to be a life-long learner. i shared a few experiences from when i was teaching full-time. when i concluded the article i had a full blown case of missing the classroom-itis. i feel it at certain times of the year, and i feel it every time i photograph a senior. i miss my time in the classroom, for sure! i miss those kids, their stories, and all their drama!! i am happy though i still get to be a part of their lives through portraiture!!

i first met miranda last summer when we started drafting her college essays (i can’t get away from it, and i don’t want to; i have to still have my fingers in some type of teaching pool! ;)). we worked  together for several months shaping her thoughts into a perfect representation of her. i was beside myself when her mom asked me about senior pictures!!! i was so excited to be another part of her senior year!!!

miranda is going great places! she is the daughter all parents hope their baby girls grow up to be: responsible, motivated, determined, kind, smart, thoughtful, talented, and understanding. i was so honored to have been a part of her senior year and her “‘itis” (even though she really didn’t have any; she is so happy with her current place in life!)

love this one:

miranda, wherever you decide to go, they will be so lucky to have you!! you are such a beauty on so many levels! thank you so much for sharing so much of this year with me! was so happy to have been there for so much of it!! congratulations to you and this accomplishment and milestone in your life! i’m beyond excited for you!!! let me know when the big acceptance letter comes!!!

much, much love to you and your mom!!! here’s to you and all your accomplishments!! cheers, kj