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you all know the lag you feel when you get back from a trip; it takes a good week to get back into things for sure.

i knew nicole at the photographer diaries was cookin’ up something good for the launch of her new blog, but i didn’t know it was going to be the week i got back!!

i am so slow to get this up, but am none the less incredibly grateful for her and the spotlight she shared for a week with me! she is going to be doing some incredible stuff on her newly established blog!! check it out. add it to your favorites. it’s going to be like the coffee shop, the really cool coffee shop, for photographers of all levels!!

thank you nicole for sharing your passion with me and allowing me to be a part of your vision!! can’t wait to see what you do and where you go!! thank you again for the shout-out and the love!!

check out the photographers diaries; you will love it!!

and because all posts are better with a picture…something from nyc: a baked good that frequents my dreams…