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i have been feeling a bit homesick lately. for no particular reason, just having some pangs for home. i miss my parents and my sister, and am looking forward to our next visit.

i stumbled across these while doing some other editing tonight. they  made me feel happy and closer to home.

my dad is a very accomplished pianist. he is so amazingly talented. one of those pianists that can play it how he hears it and play it from just seeing it. gifted. for sure. my sister and i took lessons for  awhile, but begged our parents to let us quit. “you’ll regret it someday.” they were right; i do. i can still pluck out the right hand, but am so sad that i quit lessons when i did.

i hope my children grow up playing the piano: a tribute to my dad, a memory to his talented legacy.

i shot these when we were home for thanksgiving; good times and great memories.



my parents are really cool about letting the kids plunk around for a bit. it’s “beautiful racket” to them. i guess when you become a grandparent annoying noise created by a grandchild becomes music to your ears.



how priceless are these two with my dad. getting emotional. tears starting to well…



i am not the only one excited to head to grandma and grandpa’s house soon:


mom and dad, you were right about piano; bummed i quit. maybe i’ll take lessons again with my kids. 😉

i am thinking of both of you and missing you! i love you more than all the music notes in the world. nothing feels as good as coming home!! see you soon, xoxo kam