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i love books and history. fascinated by both. especially when they mix together. the great gatsby is in my top ten of genius novels. the roaring 20’s: one of my favorites to study. i think i would have made a great flapper…it actually didn’t surprise me when katrina came over to discuss final workshop plans that she left with a bag-full of my clothes to use on the models; i am so magnetized to 20’s styles and fashion!! when we shot my niece at this location for her alter ego shoot we were inspired to come back and shoot a gatsby-esque couple and group of friends! it was the perfect set of shoots for the last kamee june workshop.



i love the energy that comes with a workshop or side kick day. it’s more than excitement. it’s giddiness to learn and to create something you never knew was possible. i could bathe myself in it, i love it so much!! it’s such a good feeling to be surrounded by creatives who are passionate about the preservation of time! i am so appreciative of everyone who worked to make it happen and also everyone who was a participant. i enjoyed our day, wholeheartedly!!

i feel filled when it’s over. grateful for everything that happened; excited to see what we created; inspired by the new community we developed!



as always there is a list of thank you’s that must be sent:

first, to everyone who came. i know many of you traveled and invested a great deal, thank you. thank you for leaving your homes and families and lives for a day! i am smiling thinking about our laughs and the fun we had. i am glad to know you all. thank you for coming; inspired by you!!







to amanda: you work so tirelessly to make things flow seamlessly. i always knew we were going to get along great! 😉 thank you for all the little details you put in to each workshop and each day i see you! i am thankful for you!! thanks for spending a day away from the littles and your man to be with us. you are such a support; glad you are on  my a-team!! 😉 thank you from my heart!!!

to julie: i am glad we met. so glad. there are people who need to be in our lives; you need to be in mine. thank you for always being in my corner and for supporting all of my dreams and goals! i am encouraged by you and am so thankful for your energy and spirit in my life!! and…i get such a good ab workout when we are together!! shooting pictures: cardio. hangin with julie: ab workout from laughing so hard!! thank you for the delicious macaroons too!!





to katrina: everything you do is magic. i love to see the wheels turning in your head when we are conceptualizing and i love to see it all come to fruition on shoot day. i love the way you think and the color and spunk you add to my life! thank you for being my friend and a tremendous supporter of my vision!! thankful!!!







to vince and ashley and hannah, kaelynn, bianca, and rebecca: i could take pictures of you all day long! thank you for your willingness to spend a saturday afternoon with us. you all make really good pictures! 😉



to shannon and bethany: thank you for the customized touches, the incredible packet, and all the support and encouragement. i love the way you two see things!!







edenglen clubhouse: thanks for being “so gatsby” and for letting us shoot on your property.




once again, to everyone who came and made it possible, thank you!! i loved the day. it took me a long time to come down from its high! looking forward to it happening again, sometime. for now, kick it with me at the monthly side kicks.;)


thank you again so much, to everyone!!! it was a really great day!!

check out the following links to see more incredible coverage from the day:

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snagged this at the very, very end; i loved it:


gatsby, out!