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gun jumped on my bed this morning: “first day of school mom!! today i get to learn how to read!” he snuggled down and started telling me about all his little friends and all the fun he has at school and how happy he was that today was a school day. i snuggled him close for the two seconds he would hold still, remembering a little boy i used to drop off at school crying at the door, pulling on my pants so i wouldn’t go. today he walked in confidently, high-five-d all of his buddies, kissed me goodbye, loved his little sis, and went about his business of taking over the pre-school.

just a few snaps from this morning:firstday3


gun’s at school three days a week this year. i am happy to have some time free to get work done, but i do miss his voice and his energy. someone else is missing him too. the quality of this image is not the best; another animated pre-schooler bumped me just as i clicked the shutter. you get the idea:


here’s to a great year!!