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this all relates. i promise.

usually at weddings the vendors sit at a designated table for them during the dinner portion of the day. it is found outside the ballroom, near the kitchen, at a random table away from the festivities, sometimes even in the broom or storage closet. it is what it is. we are just happy to be fed and off our feet for a bit, so it doesn’t matter at all! 😉 at last saturday’s wedding we were seated with the guests; it was a treat. i sat across from a gentleman who was so fascinating i could have listened to him talk all day and been completely riveted by his thoughts. he said over dinner, “age doesn’t exist. you are either alive or dead. whatever else happens in between is just a feeling.” i was bewitched by the philosophy.

jump forward to my most recent shoot with avery. she is graduating from high school soon. the feeling these images create is the “age” i feel i have!!!

more from spring itself, miss avery, and my eternal “feeling” very soon.