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there was a short time of my life when i went without carbs. i don’t know if i will ever do that again. the first week was agonizing. the second, i think i just got used to it. by the end i did feel better to have completely cleansed. shortly after two weeks, when the cleanse was over, i bit into my first true bit of real carbohydrates; it felt like i was walking through the doors of home.

i love food. i wish i was better at making new entrees and trying new things at home. i hate to be disappointed when i eat, and i feel when i try new stuff, on my own, i always am.

food, really incredible food, is for sure fine art. the mixture of all the textures and flavors, mmmm. i getting hungry thinking about it! even the experience of eating can be an art. i have had several conversations with my sister in law, kim, about it. i hate it when a meal is prepared, a table set, and then the food is consumed in a criminal amount of time and the dishes cleared before anyone had the time to even ask, “how was the day.” kim and i would always remark how the conversation at dinner needed to be a part of the experience, how it needed to prolong the eating. every morsel combined with family (or friends, depending on the meal) and visiting could be considered a fine art exploration!

next time you prepare a meal and then sit down to enjoy it consider the entire experience fine art!

may you enjoy this month’s fine art, may all of it, on some level, make you hungry!!!

continue with the fine art circle by indulging in a little tamara burros of from the tree top photography!

happy “feasting”!