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one image this month. just one to make you consider, make you think on a higher level, make you wonder and make you look twice, just in case you are missing something…

i want to know what you are thinking. look at her several times today. come back and ruminate. think about the textures, colors, light, and then formulate an opinion. what does she mean? what are you supposed to understand? what are you supposed to glean from this one piece? every artist is trying to tell you something; sometimes what we take is their intended meaning and sometimes we absorb what is needed for us, in our current truth. what does she speak to you? what does she teach you about self?

i want to start a discussion here, want to know your thoughts, and how they apply to us all…just like a main purpose of art: i want to expand our shared knowledge of a common visual experience.

i’ll chime in here and there and for sure at the end of the day to elucidate on our concept.

in the meantime, consider, think, feel, wonder, enjoy:

from my heart thank you to nicole deanne,(hair and make up design) nancy jr.,(floral headpiece design) and violet fiori,(model design ;)) for the shared vision.

nicole, you bleed talent. it drips from you. it must be painful to be as good as you are! as cool as you are! 😉 thank you so much for carrying through the concept with your genius hair and make up; LOVED working together on this. and the crimper? art in itself. 😉 xoxo to you, friend!!

nancy, wherever you walk flowers bloom. i love it after our visits because i find petals everywhere; they remind me of you and your gift to see people and the flowers that represent them. just thinking of you inspires me. thank you, for everything! so grateful for the aquatic zone; who knew!?!

and andrea, couldn’t have been possible with out a lovely canvas. thank you for bringing the idea to life. was so nice meeting; looking forward to photographing more of you soon!! 😉

thank you again for being a part of this month’s project and for stretching yourselves as well to make it happen!! love to you all!

follow wendy’s link here for more of this month’s fine art circle; her image is absolutely incredible!!