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it’s early am in london. i’m up. ready to see my friend and get out in a city i love even though the forecast says it is going to drip rain today. no matter. i’m beyond excited to be here regardless of the dripping.

i spent much of my trip from la to london working on paige and angel’s engagement images. i will associate them with the kick off to my trip, and my travels toward london for sure! their wedding is going to be unlike anything i have ever photographed before!! i get home from london and hit the ground running to them and their festivities in palm springs! everything about them, about their lives, their style, and their wedding is cool. they, drip cool. being with them made me cooler. 😉 can’t wait for an added dose of cool at their party and wedding!! until then enjoy their engagement session!!

can’t wait to celebrate with you both and your undeniable cool friends and families!! 😉 thank you so much for sharing it all with me!! much, much love to you both, kj