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i am not sure where to start or really how to explain how much i appreciate this woman.


i’ll start here even though our friendship and our memories now span over an entire year:

“come here.” she beckoned waving to me to my fridge.

i wasn’t sure why she wanted to show me something inside my own fridge but i obediently walked to the stainless steel.

she opened the air tight pocket, “here’s your dinner. pre-heat to 350; bake for 45 minutes. there’s some bread too. enjoy.”

i couldn’t hold back. i threw my arms around her and the water works started. she knew. she knew how busy  the past couple of months had kept me, and this was her offering to make my life a bit easier and to help, perhaps, give me a little bit more time with my family. i am still overwhelmed with weepy gratitude just thinking of it, and my stomach growls considering the bounty. thank you is a pitiful response for such a compassionate act, it was all i could keep muttering as the tears dripped to the hard wood.

i am so grateful for my friend.


i met amanda a year ago through some mutual friends. she got in contact with me to shoot her newborn. i knew 10 minutes into our first discussion that i was going to like her, like her so much that i would want to court her company. we have so much in common and our personalities are so similar that it would have been a huge loss for both of us not to create a friendship. at the end of our first session she booked me for two more (a 6 month and a year shoot; first year b-day photos and a recap of the year to follow after my long winter’s nap…) she is also is responsible for booking me and introducing me to all of the stroller strides ladies.

she has been an angel on my shoulders for an entire year.

i looked forward to her personal shoots and also to spending time with her at the strides shoots (she always came to assist). she has introduced me to so many more friends that have also welcomed me into their homes, lives, and hearts; for that i am also grateful and blessed.

amanda is the gal you want as a neighbor; she is aware but not overbearing. she not only hears what you say to her but she listens with an understanding heart and is able to provide suggestions and encouragement when needed. she is a huge supporter of dreams; i love that about her. 

i recently added her to the kamee june payroll. for selfish reasons really: i wanted to see more of her and have her calming presence, well, more present. 

she is so dear to me, and i recognize she is a gift in my life. 

it has been a pleasure seeing her family grow this past year. i am extremely fond of all of them.




she and her husband juggle jobs and shifts to make sure one of them is home with their children, so admirable and inspiring. 







she and mike are ying and yang, but undeniably prove opposites do attract and can mix. they have such a neat marriage and relationship.


two of my favorites from the shoot:



i am blessed to have them all in my life:










amanda, mike, nico, and gianna, may you know you are dear to me. may you continue to make me delicious meals. 😉 i mean, may you continue to warm this world like you warm mine!!

much, much love to all of you, kj