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Dear Tiffany & Co.,

I am not afraid of a shameless plug. I would like to pitch these two for your next ad campaign. Tell me you don’t see your Tiffany blue all over these. Tell me you don’t see your writers’ new muses, in front of your faces. I mean, if it’s love in a box that you’re sellin’, then baby, these two could push little blue packages with satin white ribbons in adorable crisp bags out your doors like they were the new drug. I’d walk in to any Tiffany & Co. and buy this love; if I could. Take that to your advertising team and see what they come up with, then swing back on buy (see what I did there ;)), for the rights to the images!!

I do love you Tiffany & Co. I believe ours would be a true love too!

Jokes in my pockets. Megan and Doug, if you could bottle up your love and sell it, we’d all get in line for just a taste!! Much love to you both!! xx KJ