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when i was pregnant with gunnar i craved bean and cheese burritos and chocolate milk. together. at the same time. one to satisfy the palette, the other to wash it down. i don’t remember what i craved with lark but i am sure it was equally as gross. 

pregnancy cravings are interesting. they range from sweet to savory, mild to intense, and normal to just plain disgusting.

amy’s cravings have been delicious since the beginning: all things sweet; a girl after my own heart.

ben and jerry’s and drumsticks are quick craving fixes:


cookies: just a small bite of sweet to kiss the craving away.



and a small cupcake never hurt a pregnancy craving, now did it?


sometimes the cravings are so intense it leads to getting a second maybe even a third, licking the bowl and anything that just might happen to remain:


for amy, the cravings didn’t start with the pregnancy, they started much before and they weren’t for food, but for a baby.

it’s hard to want something so bad and not be able to do anything about it. it’s like craving something that you can only find in new york, or texas, or england and you live on the opposite side of it. you know it’s out there and you could have it, but it’s so far from your reach.

amy and her husband, shane, not long after the birth of their daughter, reese, felt a craving for another baby. they knew they wanted their children to be close in age so they fed the craving and tried to get pregnant. it worked!! then after weeks of sickness, fatigue, and real insatiable cravings, the signs of pregnancy dissipated and amy knew something was wrong. she miscarried the baby. devastated and heartsick, she, with the help of her man, who was just as heartbroken, picked herself up and followed their craving. they tried again. it worked!! then she started noticing a pattern: at seven weeks she lost all cravings, all feelings in fact that there was something renting her womb. she was experiencing another miscarriage. two turned into multiple. they wanted another baby in their family and their life so they tried everything, and most things worked, but by seven weeks, every time, the tell-tale signs and the lack of cravings hit. it’s hard to hear, “you have one healthy child, be happy with that.” when you know there is one more, and you are trying and doing all you can to bring another baby to your family. before long, however, the disappointment was too much; she didn’t want to experience losing another baby. she threw her hands in the air, and surrendered.

they did have a beautiful, healthy daughter and could be content, just the three of them.

but the craving wouldn’t go away.

both amy and shane (shane more so than amy; so interesting) knew there was one more baby for them, but for some reason amy’s body was terminating the pregnancies at a certain point. it took some convincing to get amy back on board to even consent to trying again, but after piecing it all together, several doctor’s visits, and even surgeries later, they discovered the problem, were able to correct it, and shortly after amy carried a baby to week seven, then eight, week nine… and in a month will deliver a healthy baby.

what she craves more than any bowl of ice cream, freshly baked cookie, or deliciously sweet cupcake is to hold her new baby tightly in her arms:


this baby is coming to a legacy; baby is coming to parents who follow their hearts, put their trust in each other and a power greater than themselves.


they believe.


and are extremely optimistic and positive.


amy is already a really great mom. the relationship she has cultivated with her reese is undeniably something special; the thought of other babies not being able to have her as a mother is disheartening. the baby they tried so hard for, is lucky, for a lot of reasons.




know what i crave? to look like this. pregnant or not. she is absolutely breathing taking. and knowing her makes her even more magnetizing.

she has a great love for all of those near here, especially reese and this baby.



this baby has been anticipated and loved for a long time.



so what little spirit will grace their home shortly? will it be a pink baby or a blue baby?


it’s going to be…


a pink baby.

a baby destined for this life, and meant to come to amy, shane, and reese.


a baby, named ruby.


amy, may your spirit continue to touch the lives of all you meet; thank you for touching my heart and reminding me of the sacrifices so many mothers make to have their babies; i am inspired by you! i can’t wait to meet your newest gift in december. until then, eat up while you still have a legit cravings license!! 


thanks again for sharing some time, and your story with me. xx oo kj

p.s. leave amy some love in the comments sections she was just recently put on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy; she might also be craving some encouragement and support right now.

maybe help her come up with a middle name? something that sounds perfect with ruby and is fitting of an angel.