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i don’t believe in fate or chance. i believe there is a predestined plan for each of our lives, that plays itself out, interestingly enough by the choices we make. that’s what makes my theory so cool. if there is already a set plan, then how does the concept of choice apply? i can choose to do one thing or the other, the choice, if the plan is set has already been made. i just have to think of what choice i already made to make the plan of my life play out accordingly. you with me, or did i lose you back at “i don’t believe…”? i also believe that certain people enter our pre-planned lives, either for a moment or a lifetime, because we need them for some reason. i think one of the basic needs of the human experience and the plan of our life is the people we know and come into contact with, daily, intermittently, seldom-ly, or regularly. i used to think of this at the beginning of each school year, that all the kids i would teach that year were in my life at that time for a certain reason, and i in their’s. i think about this idea often actually, how we are all dependent on each other in some unexplainable way. how we are all part of each other’s plan. we just have to recognize the influence found through the people around us.

several years ago this enchanting lady journeyed into my life, because i needed her.


the months before i had gunnar were filled with anxiety, as it is for many expecting their first child. being an anxious person by nature, the added fear of the unknown made me a huge ball of anxious pregnant mess. allison and i had become friends at church. we made instant connections and our lives and interests synthesized immediately. we checked on each other often, caught up on sundays at church and met up when our hectic work schedules allowed.  she called me one night on the way home from work to check on me. when i am upset about something it is pretty transparent; she could tell something was wrong. i told her my feelings about becoming a mom, my fears from delivery to the change in my life with jaren, down to the concern about losing weight and fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. she asked if i was going to be home all night. i told her yes. she showed up 30 minutes later with two tubs of cookie dough, from a local take and bake bakery. the rest of the evening we baked together and talked, well, i mostly talked, and she listened, and then told me i was going to be ok.

and i was. and in that moment i felt understood. and loved. cared for, and safe.

and that’s why i needed her in my life at that time, in that moment.


she and her husband moved away shortly after that for broader horizons and better work opportunities. i was sad, but understood and also knew that our predestined paths would cross again. because that’s what happens when you are friends.

i was thrilled when she got in touch with me for family pictures. excited for the photography opportunity, but also for the time to be with her and reconnect.

both she and her husband, tyce, are magnets; their personalities are ultra charismatic and fun. we always enjoyed spending time with them.




they are good to everyone they know and are true to one another. it is inspiring and touching to see their relationship:



these two have added to their family since they moved away. i wish i could have been there for allison like she was for me during her pregnancies.

be there for anything really, not just pregnant times. 😉

first came britain:





then came keaton:




keaton just barely turned one; she gets a little extra blogger love:



i love this image; everything about it:


and soon their will be another baby to love, and new moments of life’s plan to experience, together:




i loved this image of allison and the people who are most dear to her:


allison, i am so glad you came into my life when you did; thank you for being such a good friend to me; i am so grateful for you. i think about that cookie dough often. may you continue sharing that huge heart of yours with everyone you meet. allison, tyce, britain, and keaton you are four more reasons to move to arizona. thank you so much for sharing some time. love you guys, kj