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I am not really sure when the Chinese New Year was this year! But I know what today is; it’s Alex and Wes’s FIRST new year anniversary!!!  365 days ago the universe’s elements (and a lot of friends and family) aligned and combined for the nuptials of a truly special couple!! I don’t even have the words to tell you how special they are to me. I have tried writing this blog post in my head now for 365 days! I just can’t put my mind on the feelings and sentiments I have to share with you all to know what incredible people they are! They have touched my life, left their thumb prints on my heart, forever! We met through an unfortunate circumstance. That sounds odd, but it was actually quite fortuitous! I, was, actually, profoundly grateful they had had photography troubles! 😉 We met for dessert, isn’t that quaint? They hardly knew me, and they chose to meet me for a baked good! Before I arrived I got an email warning me about Wes: “I never know what is going to come out of his mouth so I will apologize in advance!” I knew the evening was going to be a laugh at least! 😉 I love when immediate connections are made. I love when immediate similarities rise to the surface of conversation, and I love when brand new friends make you feel like you have been friends since birth. I wanted to keep ordering dessert, keep chatting, keep enjoying a new found friendship! I walked away thinking, “I’d PAY them to shoot their wedding; I like them SO much!!” They met in a biology class at CSUF. Alex was all about her studies and Wes was all about making friends and making people laugh; Alex couldn’t be bothered and didn’t find anything about him funny. In fact, she’ll tell you, to this day, “He annoys  me, but I love the way he annoys me.” Wes, a smart guy, knew a good thing when he saw it and was determined to make her laugh. That biology class turned into a great chemistry between the two! And together they are the perfect fusion of people!! Alex is the type of person that gives presents to her guests on her birthday! She writes thank you notes for a thank you note written to her. She sends personalized notes to friends-just because. She thinks about you and then telephones or sends a quick text. She cares more about the people who fill her life than anything that has to do with herself. She learns your love language quickly and then she uses that knowledge to tell you that you are appreciated and special to her. She is lovely. She is graceful. She will make you laugh so hard you feel like you have done 200 sit-ups, and she can take a joke and allow others to tease her too!! She is witty, fun, wicked-smart, stylish, kind, and a model person and friend. I am so grateful she is one of mine. Wes, you are good people! If I asked you for your shirt, first you’d make a joke about how I needed to get a job to get my own shirt, then you’d say, “I’m kidding!!” and take off your shirt, give it too me, along with your Nike kicks, and any cash you had in your wallet. You look all tough, but you are as sensitive as they come and I love the way WE make fun of Alex!!! 🙂 You are warm, generous, and you care about the good of people, especially Alex. I just texted Alex, right this minute, as I was typing this, and told her I was thinking of her!! She texted me right back! It was sweet and made my heart happy, just like these images do, and the fact that I was a part of their day, but have somehow, someway, been blessed to now be a part of their lives!! Alex and Wes, Thank you! Thank you for sharing all this joy and friendship with me! Thank you for opening your hearts and for sharing your mad, phat, rad, chemistry with me!!!! I love you both, very much!!!! Cheers and Happy 1st Anniversary!!!! I think some Kate Spade shopping is in order!! 😉 Your first year anniversary images will shared properly soon too!!!  Much, much love, KJ 2014-07-19_0001

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