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when i was a senior in high school i ran for class representative. my slogan was “let’s make-out…our entire senior year…to be the best one ever!” you can image the reaction i got from the crowd when i paused at “let’s make-out…our entire senior year!” applause. lots of it. i was a shoe-in to win on that alone. my dad was an air force chaplain (a preacher). the irony right? preacher’s daughter preaching about making-out…it was rad actually, super catchy, and i won the election.

i am at a loss on this one however. i really wish i had something catchy, but all i’ve got is…PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!! i was just nominated for an eye candy blog award. i feel so lucky and blessed and grateful for the recognition. i always wanted to win an academy award; maybe this will be my equivalent. please go to this link, scroll down to eye candy on the left and click on my name. there are some incredibly talented names next to mine; i feel honored to be among them and to have been given the nod!! thank you to the individual who cast the nomination; that was so kind. 

on with the campaign… give me your vote and you won’t end up in a mote?!. not nearly as good as senior year, but it will have to do. 🙂 thanks for voting. and because a post is always better with a photo…another sneak at saturday’s wedding…