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I am obsessed right now with a show called Call the Midwife. It’s set in London in the 50’s and the whole premise of the show is about, well delivering babies. Only the babies are delivered at home in some pretty gnarly conditions. I am baffled by how child birth has changed so drastically, and so quickly, THANK GOODNESS, through last 6 decades! One major difference is that men were never allowed to be there to help their wives or see the birth of their child. Last night Jaren and I were talking about grateful we are that that difference changed! It was sweet to hear him listen about the birth of our two children, what he felt, how emotional he was; he got emotional talking about it (It was cute; I loved it!). Be both finished the little visit agreeing that he needed to be there, not only to witness the birth of his child too, but to help and encourage me.

I met with Yasmin and Amir a week ago. I get super excited for all pending babies, but first-born pending babies: it’s a whole new excited ball game!! I love it!! I also really enjoy visiting with the pending parents about their excitements and trepidations too. Yasmin told me she was afraid of getting him here, more or less. I told that anything we have never experienced before makes us afraid because we have no context of it, no schema to base our experience on. The brain naturally causes fear and worry. No matter how many women live to tell the tale, it is something you have to live for yourself to understand. I tried to say something that would help,”I would relive Gunnar’s and Larkin’s literal birth days over and over again because they were that unbelievably amazing!!!!”

Baby Zain will come and he will be lucky to be welcomed by these parents, so filled with love themselves and a certain energy for living and loving that in undeniable sweet!! So grateful to have been a part of this time!!

No need to call a mid-wife, Yasmin; call the anesthesiologist, and you’ll be good to go!! Much, much love, KJ