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nothing like jumping on a band wagon, right? i decided to launch my own black friday fury! only you don’t have to go anywhere, fight any crowds, or get any sort of frustrated when the supplies run out, you can do some shopping from the comfort of home, tv on, cup of cocoa in hand!!

my girlfriend april and i have a running dialogue about what we think are the best gifts to give, and receive: GIFT CARDS!! it’s the best gift. seriously. ever. you get to buy what you want, when you want. there is never a hassle returning it, and those nay sayers who protest it isn’t personal enough, we say, “WHATEVER!” it’s the most personal gift because you get to choose what is great for you. if you don’t buy your people gift cards then i think you should buy them memories! gift cards and memories are the best gifts to give and receive.




i have both: a gift card to give the gift of memories!! stop spinning your wheels on what to get your most special people, buy them…well, me! consider it: photographs last way longer than that roll of hickory farm’s meat and cheese you have your eye on, and they mean so much more…really, they do. 😉

buy your family members and friends a session and a credit for prints or digital files, just the session, or a credit towards the session or purchase. it’s original, timeless, distinctive, and filled with importance: what all gift giving should be. the drop down below has increments of $25.00, to fit budgets. once you make your purchase a kamee june pdf file gift card will be sent with the dollar amount for you to wrap and give or stuff in stockings or even forward, if you want to save on wrapping and shipping! 😉 see, this really is easy!! 😉 consider all of the things you can celebrate years from now by way of the photograph. it really is the best gift!!

(the kj gift certificate can be applied to any service i offer: a session fee, purchase order, kickin’ it with kamee june, a side kick, etc.)


kendall jackson a gift certificate recipient shared, Everyone wants to give a gift that will be cherished. That is in fact what I received last year as a present from my dear friends. I was 39 weeks pregnant at Christmas last year so you can imagine I was probably not very easy to buy for. I was given a sitting with Kamee June Photography and I thought wow this is perfect. I knew once the baby was here I would want every possible way to capture these amazing moments in our family. I immediately went to Kamee’s site and knew instantly that we had found a photographer for life. We loved her style and when it came time to take our pictures she captured a timeless treasure not just a picture. I so encourage anyone looking into a gift that keeps giving this is the way to go. I have these pictures up in my home and they make me smile. Kamee has such a great spirit about her that it really makes you feel so comfortable as well.

kamee june gift certificates

if you are looking for something for yourself and have had your eye on a kickin’ it with kj session! GO FOR IT!!! buy it for yourself and then tell your man you already took care of your present this year! 😉

the shoot alone is reason enough to kick it!!! 🙂 not to mention all the valuable information and answers to all of your questions and FUN we have!! 😉


kickin’ it with kamee june

and perfect for stuffing stockings just a few favorites:

at each of my sidekicks i give away these cards called “flash cards”. they are 4×6 cards that have a picture i took on the front, then on the back they include the specs (aperture, shutter speed, and iso), the time of day and what light it was shot in, and a tip on how to get the same effect. i am opening them for sale here!! they are great for stuffing your stocking or the stocking of another photographer you know and love. i currently have flash cards for: families, couples, kids, light, and composition. couples, light, and composition. they are being sold for $35/set, and families and kids are being sold for $30/set (they only include a tip on the back not the specs or the time of day). OR you can choose to buy all 5 sets together for $125.00; an incredible savings!!!



each set also includes a card with a list of things to make sure you know or do before you start shooting that particular subject or theme.


remember there is a price cut in families and kids because they only have a tip on the back, not the specs or the time of day.


kamee june flash cards

ps shipping for the cards is on me! 😉

i know many of you have had your eye on katrina…and some wardrobe or personal styling!! i think you should go for it! she would stuff nicely in a stocking as well!! 😉


she’s on my “fashionista” wish list!!!


i am stuffing everyone’s stocking with these darling necklaces from 3 little birds. they are so personalized that your loved ones will feel so special when they open a gift that was made specifically for them. I LOVE THESE!!! i am in love with kristen and her work!!



i have a few etsy shops that i am crazy about. stuff these in your little girls’ stockings:

pink peppermint design


AND stuff these in your little boys’:


i am sure there will be other shopping that takes you out into the craze, but hopefully this gave you some ideas and made it a little easier and reduced the stress level and anxiety a bit. get the shopping done, so you can get on with the cozy fun stuff: like snuggling the littles and watching the grinch!!


happy holidays everyone; i would love to be a part of your gift giving!!! cheers,kj