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i have a lot of favorite times in the day.

i love the morning when my kids are fresh out of bed, rested and energized for a new day. i especially love the squeal i get from my baby when i walk into her room to get her out of her crib. it is sublime, surreal, enchanting, and adorable. if i could only listen to one sound the rest of my life it would be her early morning glee.

i love lunch time because that is when gunnar and i have a chance to chat. our conversations usually revolve around his philosophical four-year-old musings or about how transformers will take over the earth or about how he sees monsters without heads in his room and that’s why he can’t sleep in there.

i love nap time because it is quiet.

i don’t love bed time like most parents do because right now we are having struggles with it; it’s not a fun part of my day, but i do like what precedes bed time: bath time, or in tonight’s case shower time.


baby loves water: pools, tubs, kitchen sinks, hoses, squirt bottles, and strong massaging sprays.



i love the moments after bath/shower time; there is something so delicious about a clean child, fully lathered in johnson and johnson’s, and dressed in lavender softened jammies.


i love good night kiss time too…from everyone in my house…here’s a kiss for all of you…X….good night. may whatever time it is for you be great!!