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oh the delay. so sorry. i think we can all appreciate “how it goes”. i have had these on my desktop for two months now. i have been playing with them, re-playing, sharing a few here and there, but here are my favs. the top list of shots from my kickin’ it session in colorado!! thank you janeen, becca, and  jessica for giving us a reason to freeze together!! 😉 and thank you to karen and justin for freezing your booties off for us!! i knew we were going to be so happy with what we shot, even if it did mean we lost a finger or two in the process. i left the shoot with a deeper appreciation for colleagues that aren’t able to shoot all year round, or if they do for their abilities to shoot with gloves on!! 😉

i don’t think you will feel any chill when looking at these, but here’s hoping they do give you a romantic chill or two!! 😉

the forecast tomorrow says that california is going to be in the low 80’s; come to california to kick it; it’s a bit warmer!!! 😉

would love to set something up for you!! contact me if you are interested in a kickin’ session! i would love to be a part of your photographic new year!!!