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this bride became my friend. she’ll be my friend for a very long time. the kind of friend i’ll meet for lunch. the kind of friend who takes a genuine interest in me, my life, the lives of my family and my children. the kind of friend who will always remember my birthday and won’t care for a second if i ever forget hers. the kind of friend who will forgive first, and the kind of friend who will love me come what may, no matter what!

i am certain everyone who knows her feels they are someone special because of the way she loves. her brad? no different. together they are something truly special.

there is nothing but love, kindness, and warmth in their hearts.

together they make the most perfect pair, and i know their future will be filled with much love!!

ashley and brad, so grateful for you both! thank you for sharing so much of your hearts with me!!

a few highlights and a slideshow from their day!!!

enjoy! xoxo kj

the way they love each other and their people feels exactly like this looks:

this too:

much, much love to you both!!!