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she really is a modern audrey. her style, her choices, the way she speaks and carries herself, just so sophisticated and refined. wherever she walks, flowers bloom. bri, in every way, is a lady, and i love that about her, she is just so resplendant and so sweet. she and phil’s wedding was perfectly befitting of them, their characters, and their romance. this really is the story of a boy, who fell head over heels in love, with the perfect feminine!!!

the flowers? so bri. truthfully there was never a wedding bouquet more suitably made for a bride than this one.

all the details were so impeccable. so elegant and stylishly graceful:

the cake? bri and phil’s cake really was an artistic work of art.

bri and phil were married at the richard nixon library in yorba linda, california. the ballroom, could have potentially been built, for bri. 😉

just so stately, so regal.

wait until you see their first dance pictures; the couple+the room? photo genius!! 😉 hang tight for those; they are coming in part too. along with a portrait session i am in love with!!!

a few more details:

and in true kamee june fashion, i am going to leave you here…

i’ll be back with the rest soon!! they are stunning, without a doubt a wedding i will never forget!! i will be back with a full vendors list as well! you will want to know all of the details for sure!!

enjoy the prelude for now!!

bri and phil, i adore you both and all you embody. thank you for inspiring me on so many levels!! xox kj