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yesterday i was talking with a girlfriend about how gunnar will be in school everyday next year. a rush of emotion hit me! i am so excited for him because it is school and growth and progress, but i also feel sad because the time has almost come for me to share him with someone else for a good portion of the day. i asked myself, “have you spent enough time with him playing on the carpet? is he prepared to be a nice boy, make friends, be respectful, and is he excited for learning? does he know you will love him regardless of what happens in the playground?” i know i will be emotional when the day comes, but i also think it will be such a milestone for him. i started thinking about who his teacher will be and that made me reflect on my time in the classroom. i miss it. i miss those students and all their drama. i remembered thinking about the trust parents have to send their students off to school each day, trusting them to teachers and administators to instruct and protect their kids. when i was in the classroom i was so inspired by so many of my colleagues and their love of education, and more importantly their love of our students.

shelley was one of those teachers. i first admired her because she is a naturally happy and kind person. and, she smiles, a lot, and i really like that!!


it wasn’t long before i realized that her love for life spilled over into her classroom. i would hear students commenting all the time about how much they enjoyed her class, about how great they thought she was, and about how much they looked forward to seeing her and learning from her.

she taught math.

that speaks volumes!!!

she not only cared about their scholastics but their hopes and dreams as young people. one time i had a student tell me, “i know she cares because she really listens when i talk. and she has great suggestions too and makes me laugh.”

she does have a great personality. she is mellow, easy-going, super personable and really fun to be with. i walked into a mini-staff meeting once and got excited seeing she was in my small group; i knew the meeting was going to be enjoyable because she was there.

people just like her, and if you know her it is easy to see why. 

for several years she had classrooms full of students who admired her and appreciated all her hard work to help them succeed with mathmatics and be prepared to think on a higher level for life.

then she had students, of her own. and decided to focus all of her attention on teaching them. she, like many of us working at our school at the time, decided to take a break from full-time teaching to be home with her babies. 



they are darling. and so so loved. i know shelley misses the classroom; i also know she knows this time right now with these adorable babies is so priceless.







i admire the relationships she has cultivated with her children and the time she invests teachings them and dedicating herself to them. i also admire the relationship she has with her husband, craig. they are proof that high school can make for lasting love.

these were two of my favorites:


together they are raising a very special family filled with kind hearts, understanding spirits, and magnetizing personalities:


loved maya’s expression here:


their interactions were so tender and genuine. it was easy to feel the love they have for family, the moment, and living.





sweet little sis with big sis, nose-picker! 😉 love those; we’ve all got one or had one in the past. 😉


shell, you touched so many lives when you were teaching, including mine! thank you for the influence you had on our students and the rest of the teaching staff; you made a difference in more ways than you know. the students you tutor now are so lucky to have your guidance. you are a good teacher and more importantly a good person; i am so happy to know you. may you find joy right now teaching your kiddos. craig, may you continue making everyone smile with your endearing smile. maya and chloe, may you continue to bless your family!

thank you all for the time and the opportunity(and the babysitter! ;)); it was such a pleasure, and made me homesick for the home of the titans!!