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I just got back from London, a soul’s journey for me. I needed the time to think, to feel, and to be alive. It was good, really good. I loved the moments I had to be still, to sit, and to watch the people. I was especially inspired by the couples I saw holding hands in the park, sneaking kisses and flirty glances on the tube, and holding each other tightly during the show’s intermission. It made me consider romance, and all its shapes and hues. It also made me feel grateful to be a part of romance, regularly- to be a romance historian of sorts. I am a romance researcher, fascinated by the story of human connection that leads to the iron strings of love and devotion.

Today’s romance is particularly special. It’s the tender and sweet romance we all pine for. It’s the romance that is true and everlasting. It’s the romance that respects each other’s opinions and differences. It’s the kindest most endearing romance I have ever seen, and my heart is filled that I will be a part of Stephanie and Tyler’s wedding day romance.

To all who will be in attendance, you’ll see what I am saying in regards to their romance, when he gets emotional as she walks towards him down the aisle, or when she smiles admiringly during their first dance, or when he gently kisses her shoulder during the toasts. You’ll see, and your heart will be inspired. To those of you not in attendance, I will share it here, and your hearts, too, will melt at a true illustration of genuine romance and love!!

Stephanie and Tyler, Thank you, from my heart, for sharing this time with me! I love you both so much and am so grateful for your friendship and examples in my life! Thank you for inspiring me! I am so excited for today!! Much love, KJ