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 a very long time ago i was in love with a boy. he loved me too. then he broke my heart, rather, shredded it, marinated it in lighter fluid, tossed it flippantly into a cold metal receptacle, then torched it, and walked away, whistling. (sounds like a good lifetime movie right? it actually is a really great love story that ended sadly. i will include it in the book i plan to write someday. until then, lifetime, give me a call.) it hurt. badly.  it happened during a summer term at school so there weren’t many witnesses to the calamity. one of my most understanding friends was there however, to help gather the charred remnant aftermath, and piece together the semblance of a girl, who once loved. (is that drama or what? come on. call me lifetime!!)

i was grateful for her presence in a time when i felt so alone, sad, and well, burnt.


just looking at her now takes me back to a safe place. thank you michelle for being a good friend to me and for helping heal my heart! i have always been grateful for you. we actually had been friends long before the break-up occurred. we shared so many of the same interests: old movies, 40’s music, hats, great food, skiing, romantic novels, romance itself (i think that’s why she just understood when i was hurting),and travel. remember in anne of green gables when anne calls diana a kindred spirit? michelle is one of those for me.


our paths went in different directions after college, but we have managed to stay in touch through an occasional email, phone call and/or visit. i always enjoy hearing from her; she has always been a person i have admired. 

her husband works for some big company and does something really important and special, with oil, i think. it’s important. so important it moved them away to saudi arabia. the company sends them home for a six week furlough each year though. (i think they have to leave the country for that period of time too for certain political reasons.) they spent this year’s break in the us during the holidays and i was on their list of things to do and people to see. i was honored to be michelle’s “only christmas wish”, and to also have the chance to reconnect and laugh with my friend. it was also fun to spend some time with her family and consider the days before we had little shadows…in our space…all. the. time.


they are all  as charming and magnetizing as michelle actually, and i was happy to be able to spend some time with their family.

i love this image; the personalities are so apparent.


and so sweet:


chris and michelle currently are parental guidances to three super hero children:

zach: captain negotiator




ethan: mega-energy man




and graham: amazingly good and peaceful boy





along with super mom 


and patient dad


they make wonder family:


and i am happy to have them in my life and my heart and my memories.

a few more of the original team before the heroes landed:


i love this image. i think it is my favorite from the shoot. i just loved the feeling of it and the moment:


michelle, i am thankful for you. thank you for spending a little bit of time with me and my family during christmas. gunnar still talks about your boys being here; jaren asks me to try and recreate the meal you so generously prepared us, larkin doesn’t say much (but i am sure she had a lovely time too), and i was happy to be able to spend a little bit of time with a friend, a friend i love very much and have fond memories of. to all of you: michelle, chris, z, e, and g, when’s the next furlough, and can we be a part of it? much love, kam