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it’s no surprise that this teacher loves to teach. combining teaching with photography has been one of my favorite career fusions!!!

i also love walking in to an experience expecting, hoping, wishing for something, and walking out of it feeling fulfilled inspired and prepared for the next step, whatever it may be.

i feel incredbly flatter when i am contacted by other photographers to either photograph their families or asked to get together to “talk shop”. i do also feel a bit intimidated, because, like everything i want to do a really great job.

i always hope you come before with a knowledge base, and leave with a completely different scope. that’s always my goal, at least. and you leaving having shot some really incredible images, like these:

and these:

my good friend and colleague teryn, of teryn lee photography shared this on her experience kickin’ it, “my experience with kamee was nothing short of amazing. never has the term ‘game changer’ entered my vocabulary so much as it did after my kickin’ it with kamee. that’s what the session really was for me: a game changer. i left feeling completely inspired. so many things that kamee said or showed me have altered the way i feel about my photography as an art and a business. kamee truly is a wonderful person. not only am i inspired by her beautiful work but i am motivated by her encouragement. i still continue to draw upon what i learned from kamee and have benefited immensely from all her advice. i know for me, the session was worth beyond every penny.”

who wouldn’t want to live next door to someone who said such nice things? 😉 thanks teryn, so much! i loved our day too!! if you aren’t following her already, get her on your rss feed now! she is a talent beyond compare and you will fall in love with her personality immediately.

and i would love to meet you as well. would love to create a day customized to you and your photographic journey, something that shows you progress, your before and after. 😉

treat yourself to a different perspective and set of eyes for your business and work!! let’s meet, and kick it!!

this is the original pricing; everything in regards to kickin it with me is 40% off if you purchase your mentor session this weekend!! you will still get the same package only it will be 40% less the current price.

personalized instruction pricing

the couture: entire day of kickin’ it with kamee june

8 hours personalized instruction style: a full shoot, lunch, and dinner

kickin’ it solo: $950.00

kickin’ it with a wingman: $1350.00

kickin’ it with 3 or more kickers: $550.00/kicker

the contemporary: half a day of kickin’ it with kamee june

4 hours of personalized instruction time: a mini-shoot, and dinner

kickin’ solo: $750.00

kickin’ it with a wingman: $1250.00

kickin’ it with 3 or more kickers: $450.00/kicker

the classic: kickin‘ it with kamee june

we’ll grab drinks and talk for an hour or two

kickin’ it solo: $350.00

kickin’ it with a wingman: $480.00

kickin’ it with 3 or more kickers: $240.00/kicker

the prices below are just for individual photographers. if you are interested in kickin’ it with a few friends email me and i will send a customized invoice with the discounted price; please email me at for any questions you might have in regards to kickin’ it!