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without; with

just a couple from today’s kickin’ it session with maggie, shareen, and katrina. without: with: more. soon. thanks for such a great day!!

some color: my friend syl and her family

a long time ago my mother-in-law made a comment, “i am so grateful for color.” she said it years ago at a thanksgiving dinner. it left such an impression on me that, years later, i still remember it when i see great hits of color, muted color, textured...

april 29th: the royal wedding

i have always been fascinated with the royals. when i was young my parents bought me every piece of literature they could find on charles and diana’s wedding. i poured over it. soaked it up. everything i played, pretended, was royal. when princess diana died i...

a farewell: a sneak peek

she’s leaving on her next adventure. so glad i got to see her and spend a bit of time together, before she left. love you kara; the future is so bright! more from our quick bon voyage shoot soon…


i do love a good mystery… what’s hers? thank you to my good friend katrina for sharing the mysterious vision and always standing by my side. grateful for you!! everything you do is beautiful!!