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no one loves you like your mother

a long time ago, what feels like a dream now, i was a first year teacher. those of you who teach know how tough that first year can be. mine was no exception. everything made me anxious: i was just a day ahead of all of my classes; i wanted to do well and teach them...


feels good to be back. so much to share from the wedding and our trip, but for now just a smile to start the week!!

dead people

i told you i see them. be spooked. be real spooked. more spirits and their haunted house soon… until then…may you look behind your shoulder… ps shout out to katrina…you are a genius!!!

her voice was filled with money and he smiled understandingly

i love books and history. fascinated by both. especially when they mix together. the great gatsby is in my top ten of genius novels. the roaring 20’s: one of my favorites to study. i think i would have made a great flapper…it actually didn’t surprise...