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the christmas aftermath funk

i prefer the 1st-24th of december much more than the 25th. i enjoy the build-up so much more than the actual day. i just get sad when the last present is opened, all the excitement just falls, flat. i am not a grinch at all; i love the entire season. i just get a...

all she wanted: a sneak peek

she just. wanted. a. turn. that’s all. just a turn. but it didn’t happen and she, let him have it. more to come from a shoot with my littles…stay tuned.

ten years and two weeks

today, jaren and i are celebrating ten years of marriage. we have been commenting all week on how crazy it feels to have ten whole years together, and all the experiences and moments that have painted that time. i love my man more than i have words to express; i am...

best present ever: a sneak peek

 i love it when babies are born at christmas; it reminds me of the baby born on the first christmas, and that just feels special and cool to me. just a peek at a christmas baby. more to come later… happy thursday everyone!

dear to me

i am not sure where to start or really how to explain how much i appreciate this woman. i’ll start here even though our friendship and our memories now span over an entire year: “come here.” she beckoned waving to me to my fridge. i wasn’t sure...