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The looks of my life; the looks of my loves, and what I look like.

I love the look on Jaren’s face when we are at a party and I catch him staring at me from across the room, looking at me like he is seeing me for the first time. I love the smile I get from Gunnar when we are on the carpet playing cars, trains, or dinosaurs; he stares at me amazed, like I am the coolest mom who has motorized and prehistoric sounds coming from my mouth. I am in love with the look I get from my baby girl each morning when i get her out of bed; she beams because I am someone special to her. I love my parents’ faces when I walk through the doors of home after having been gone for a long time; their eyes fill with love, and I see a reminiscent comfort. I love the expression my sister gives when she realizes the adoption cleared; they will be getting another baby.  I love the weary grin on my brother’s face as he crosses the finish line of his 64th marathon.  I love the surprise on my girlfriend’s face when I gift her our favorite lip gloss we thought was discontinued. I love the look on my face when I find the perfect pair of slimming jeans or the most flattering swimsuit. I even love the look on children’s faces when they get all pouty and sad because they don’t get their way. I love the look of graduation day: the look of accomplishment, success, and the anticipated future. I love the look of a man totally devoted to one woman because she completes his heart. I love the look of unexpected surprises, the look of a fourth of July picnic, the look of first visits to Disneyland, the look of falling stars, the look of Winter's first snow, the look of a long overdue vacation, the look of winning soccer teams, the look of cookies fresh from the oven, the look of christmas morning, the look of family, the look of mothers drinking in their new babies, the look of unspoken yet powerfully present love. I love the expressions, the countenances, the features, and the presence of life and its undeniably endearing moments, and I love immortalizing them forever with my camera. 

This blog fuses the looks of my life and looks of my loves. It follows my expressions of growth, both professional and personal, and it allows you to take a peek at my moments, my thoughts, and my heart.

I would love to meet your look. 

birthday dreamin’


at one foot of the bed he dreams…


…of what already exists at the other.


happy birthday eve son! next to your sister you are the best thing dad and i ever did!! we’ll love you forever! happy birthday gunnie-guns!! enjoy it, because this is the last one you are allowed to have. no more growing; stay 6 for the rest of your life! may your day of surprises keep youthful smiles on your face and your 6 year old laughter in my heart. i love you, bud!


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by kamee june

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April 7, 2011 - 5:20 pm Rhonda K - A big happy birthday to Gunnar. I LOVE his room!!!

April 7, 2011 - 7:46 am Kellie - Incredibly sweet!!! Happy Birthday Gunnar! I hope you have a GREAT day!!!

April 7, 2011 - 5:26 am Jess - Happy birthday to your "baby" boy!! Mine will be six in exactly 3 weeks!

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