I am a dreamer…a romantic…a laugher… an enthusiastic…a hugger…an artist.

I am a creative memory maker.

I believe photographs have a profound power, a significant ability to make us remember and feel, and hopefully, create an endearing human response: a smile, a laugh, a cry, a longing for a time gone by. I have been shooting now for over six years. I have celebrated over 100 weddings, many of them in foreign places; I have been a part of innumerable family portraits, parties, births, special gifts for spouses, modeling head shots, high school senior portraits, and even Hollywood fetes-rubbing shoulders with many stars! I have crafted thousands of memories for clients who have become my close friends! My goal, every time I shoot, no matter the context, is to beautifully and emotionally suspend that one second of time- before it quickly turns into your past. My hope is that every time you look at those memories, they spark nostalgia and hug your heart! Thank you so much for stopping by and considering me; I would love to help be a part of your memory making!

much love, initials-gold

  • My husband and I were amazed by Kamee when she photographed our engagement and wedding pictures fall of 2011. Not only was she professional and knowledgeable, but she made the entire experience a blast! Kamee’s creativity and spontaneity allowed her to capture many fun, attention-grabbing photos, in addition to the tmore traditional ones. Kamee put us at total ease in front of the camera. We felt like we were just hanging out with a good friend. We were thrilled with the results and could not be happier! I have received so many compliments on our photos. Our photos were so good that they were featured on four wedding blogs! I would like to highly recommend Kamee to anyone who is seeking a photographer for an important occasion. Kamee has amazing skills, talent, and passion for her work, and we will be calling on her for years to come.

    Briana DiPietro

  • Top Ten Things We Love About Kamee June

    10. Her name.
    Isn’t Kamee June just the friendliest name ever?! And the best part is that she totally lives up to it. Even our guests thought so, and how many couples get compliments about their wedding photographer BEFORE they see the photos?! We did!

    9. Her zeal for exclamation points!!!!!
    They are not just her trademark. They really do translate to her passion for her craft and for making her clients happy!!!!!!

    8. Her vibe.
    Kamee is easy, breezy, and beautiful from the inside out. Which makes her photo subjects feel exactly the same way in front of the camera. And it shows…continued

    Bonnie and Chris Utley

  • After years of admiring Kamee’s work, I knew I wanted her to shoot my wedding. As a matter of fact, I knew she would be my photographer before I even knew who my husband would be. She has a way of capturing the most beautiful parts of a moment – whether that be the small smile your partner gives you when he thinks no one’s looking, or the sassy attitude you shoot back his way when he’s teasing. She gets to the real soul of a couple, of a person. She has a way of deep-diving right into a conversation and has the ability to create an instant friendship. That relationship makes you feel at-ease, and comfortable. Being comfortable, and natural, is beautiful. And Kamee gets that…continued

    Kara Bosworth

  • Stunning. Ethereal. Captivating.

    Those were just some of the words my friends and family used to describe our wedding and engagement photos, both lovingly taken by Kamee June. She captured the essence of our love, and somehow translated it to film. I will never, ever get tired of looking at our photos. Kamee isn’t just a photographer, she’s an artist. She has an innate skill at drawing you out of your shell and capturing the laughs and kisses that follow. She knows how to capture intimacy and light, joy and tears. Her photos drawn you in and resurrect the emotions you felt at the exact moment it was taken. The pictures she took on our wedding day still take my breath away. Kamee is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. Her passion for for both love and photography is infectious, and will ensure you have the best experience possible. Working with Kamee is the best investment you can make in building memories that will last you a lifetime.

    Brooke Simmons

  • I have had several photo session experiences with so many photographers and this one tops them ALL!!!!  From the very initial contact to the end of editing and delivery of images this woman and her business couldn’t be beat!  Kamee June will always be at the top of my recommendation list and heres why- her energy is AMAZING!  She has passion about making your experience the very best.  Never has my husband had a “real” smile in so many photos!!  My kids were awesome the entire time and I believe it was because of Kamee! Our family was on vacation in California and we decided to throw in family pictures while we were there. It was one of the highlights of California!!!  We laughed and had so much fun which is key to us loving the photos in the end because it was a positive experience.  Another thing I loved was that she is so prompt!  We had our gallery up and available to us before we were even home from our trip to check them out. Kamee made me want to be a better person. She has the most infectious smile and happy spirit.  I can’t wait to have another Kamee June photo experience!  Thanks for leaving a lasting impression on my family.

    Heidi Nelson

  • Hiring Kamee was hands down one of the best decisions that we made for our wedding. From the moment that we met her, we knew that she would be the perfect fit. Not only were her photos breathtaking, but her infectious personality made it feel like we had known her our whole life. From the engagement photos to the wedding photos, we felt so comfortable with her shooting us and were thrilled with how everything turned out! The pictures of us laughing weren’t staged either, she was cracking us up!! We would highly recommend Kamee to anyone. We have, and we will continue to do so!

    Ruth Benton

  • We crossed paths with Kamee at a wedding in San Juan Capistrano. Belinda, our stylist, was doing Hair & Makeup, Kamee June, the photographer for the day. When recapping the event with the rest of the Ladies of Parasol of Design, she sounded like a delight. Soon after, we met. She was not only a delight, but someone we wanted to work with, esp on a long day, as a wedding can be.

    Kamee definitely has a positive aura about her that is genuine, consistent… and ultra contagious. What better than to have her by your side on such a big day. She definitely knows her stuff… she informs couples of what to expect, how to get the best shots and gets the specifics on what is important to you. She works her magic on the entire event, from the details, to all the priceless moments…continued


    Anna Nguyen, Parasol of Design, Wedding Coordinators

  • Kamee June is like a breath of fresh air. Her sparkling personality and enthusiastic attitude aside, what impressed me the most was her resolute professionalism. I was referred to Kamee by my now sister-in-law who happens to be a professional photographer herself. I figured an intra-industry referral is the best kind so I gave her a call. From day one Kamee was courteous, prompt with her responses, and genuinely interested in helping to make my day very special. She exudes confidence and has the expertise to command a group of any size, be it a large wedding party or individual bride and groom shots. She was well-organized and gave clear directives (where to stand, when to walk, how to smile, etc.) throughout the whole day. Weddings never go exactly as planned and it’s important to have someone who is flexible and can take charge in any situation. Kamee did exactly that for me. When my after ceremony photo time got cut short she changed her whole plan and pulled off an incredible shoot. Hiring Kamee was one of the best decisions I made throughout the whole wedding planning process and I would recommend her to anyone. She is a delight to be around and is very good at her job.

    Stephanie Williams

  • I can’t say enough about Kamee June. She is the best of the best, she truly is. Little did I know when I met her several years ago the impact she would leave on me, and on everyone that has the privilege of knowing or working with her.
    I met Kamee when I was the wedding coordinator for a wedding at the Richard Nixon Library and Museum in Yorba Linda. Every interaction I had with Kamee leading up to that day was fantastic. She was so accommodating with my Bride and Groom, and myself as well. She promptly returned my calls and always asked what she could do to help make the day as seamless as possible.
    When I met Kamee, I was instantly smitten! She is kind, talented, adored by many and always has a huge smile on her face. She is the type of person you want to be around because her happiness and zest for life rubs off on you…continued

    Diana Lasus, Wedding by Di, Wedding Coordinator

  • Obviously, Kamee’s pictures are stunning and she is an incredibly talented photographer. Looking at her images settles that rather quickly. What is probably equally important is the amazing care she takes of her clients. My husband and I were planning a wedding in California while in the middle of medical school in NYC, so our being somewhat inflexible was an understatement, but Kamee made us feel like it was no problem at all. She responded to every email quickly and with great enthusiasm for our ideas and goals. She was more than happy to work with any budget and also made an effort to really get to know us as people before shooting our wedding. We spent two meals getting to know each other and discussing our visions and goals. We also couldn’t physically be in California until the week before our wedding, so Kamee made an effort to squeeze in our engagement session that week and got the images up before the wedding even happened…continued

    Katherine Coughlin

  • If I’ve said it once, I’ve repeated it to everyone I know, “Every wedding should include Kamee June!!” From the moment I was emailing photographers, getting auto responses back, “Thanks for contacting us, we’ll get back to you for your money….” I thought it was going to be a miserable task!

    Then I got Kamee’s response, her energy jumped off the computer, everything about what she put into that email SCREAMED how excited she was for our wedding. I shared her excitement, and I couldn’t wait to meet her. We met for dinner, should have been an hour- maybe two. As we realized the restaurant was emptying, we had laughed, joked, shared, explained and ultimately I had made a decision- it had been the quickest and greatest 4 hours ever…continued


    Ashley Bender

  • I have been planning crazy-fun weddings for almost 5 years in Southern California and beyond. In that time, I have met and worked with many photographers, and Kamee stands out as one of the best! She is simply delightful. Her personality, communication style, customer service, and of course, her photos are all magnificent. Kamee is easy to work with, and makes my job so much easier. As a client, you won’t even know she is there; yet she will be capturing the most intimate and wonderful moments of the day that you will love and cherish for a lifetime.

    As a Planner, it is my job to manage the vendors and bring them all together on the wedding day, as well as contact and confirm each and every person working on the wedding ahead of time. I often find myself in precarious situations with difficult people or vendor divas… Kamee is neither. She looked at and approved our timeline quickly and appropriately, and showed up on the day of the wedding early and in a cheerful mood. I knew from the moment I met her that she was amazing at what she does. Bottom line is this- I would never hesitate to recommend Kamee June to ANY of my clients (or friends!).

    Courtney Tibbets, Wedding Coordinator

  • Have you ever met someone that just clicks with you at the right time?
    That’s Kamee! My daughter’s wedding was creeping up so fast and we still had so much left to do; how were we going to get it all done and keep my daughter happy and sane? It wasn’t easy, except for the most perfect photographer EVER!
    Kamee embraced my daughter and her fiancé as her own family. She brought her enthusiasm to the engagement shoot and captured every ounce of love my daughter and her fiancé have for each other. Before the wedding Kamee was “one of the girls” as we prepared for the wedding, getting all of the fun pictures as we all giggled. Her personality and confidence puts you right at ease. She captured every special moment at the church and later at the reception.
    Everything was ready as promised and done to perfection! Kamee is professional, confident, and warm! If you need a photographer for your special event or memory this is the person to contact!

    Valarie Jean Lemm, Mother of a Lovely Bride

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