revisit a place; feel a feeling

i shot this a long time ago at a jessica claire workshop i was helping at. i stumbled across it again tonight. it took me to a very placid place. may it do the same to you!

here’s to love and all things the evoke it!

happy friday!

your christmas list

did you add this workshop to it?

get it on the list. put it at the top. if you ask for anything this year; if you attend anything, at all, this year, it has to be this.

the love+marriage=baby carriage workshop is just a few months away. julie and i are getting all of the details together and are so excited for what is to unfold in march! we would LOVE for you to be a part of it!!

check out all of the details on the workshop here.

you will leave the workshop filled with so much. so much inspiration and knowledge. your two days will include tips and tricks on how to help you be a better shooter at all things love (engagment), marriage (wedding), and baby carriage (new borns, kids, and families). this workshop will make you, hands down, a more holistic shooter and more savvy entrepreneur and business owner. get ready to take yourself, your technique, and your business to an entirely new level.

it needs to be on your list. and julie and i have everything crossed that the santa’s in your life deliver it under your tree!

a few hugs and kisses for luck, may you get your wish!

a few baby snuggles and family loves will add some extra luck:

and a giddy laugh at the possiblity that you could be attending a really incredible workshop, a really incredible place to build community and skill:

and some random prettiness to remind you that everything you shoot at the workshop, everything, will be yours, for your portfolio building. and there will be about 4 shoots. that’s a whole lot of pretty:

here’s hoping you get all of the wishes on your list and that you are able to attend the workshop in march!! please contact me or julie if you have any questions!! until then, happy list making and holidays!! xoxo kj

DATE CHANGE!!! tattoo: branding, marketing, and running a small business side kick with kj

i will never get a tattoo. i would need to be numbed from the neck down to do it. i am so afraid of pain, that it kind of wigs me out thinking about paying for pain. BUT if i did get one, i know this sounds narcissistic, but i would get lowercase letters kj, in some really cool font and i would put it in a place that no one would ever see.  :) when i am working hard and super proud of myself the letters would stand for kamee june, when i am just being normal mom the letters would remind me of a team of people who somehow make things happen for each other and their little family: kamee and jaren. not so narcissistic, right? ;) kind of cool? it will never happen because i am a big chicken and because it doesn’t wash off. and what if i change my middle name or something! ;) just kidding!!

625px-Tattoo_needleblog(image courtesy of wikimedia)

seriously now, every business needs to tattoo itself with symbols, colors, and designs that set it apart from the rest. every business, including your own, no matter how small or big, needs to have a strong and significant brand that figuratively tattoos itself to your market and clients. a photographer’s brand, any small business’s brand, is so incredibly important! so is that small businesses ability to market that brand and herself as an artist. branding isn’t the only important element to being business saavy, however. there is so much that goes in behind the scenes to make a business thrive. this month’s sidekick will share tips and tricks on making yours tick! ;)


this sidekick is going to be all about the business end of a small business: how to make it run, how to follow through with your business practices from top to bottom, how to brand yourself appropriately, and how to market yourself effectively.

it is going to be great, super valuable, and will send you off in the right direction with some new ideas on how to brand, market, run a successful small business front end and back, how to find clients and keep your current ones for years to come, and how to grow as an artist and professional! this workshop isn’t only for the photographer. it’s going to be valuable for all small businesses and will give anyone some great tips on running a successful business of their own!

this sidekick is, however, geared to those who have already started their business practices and are ready for new directions and encouragements!

when: saturday, SEPTEMBER 3rd 10am-1pm DATE CHANGE DUE TO UNFORESEEN!! (the original date was july 16th; it has now been moved to the 3rd of september!!)

*if you choose to shoot with us we will be shooting around 300pm (we’ll break for lunch at 1 and then pick up again for our shoot at 3)

where: we’ll be meeting at a local tattoo shop for this sidekick. JUST KIDDING!! ;)

it’ll be at my place, corona ca

how much: there are three options; come for the side kick, come for the side kick AND a rad shoot (if you want to practice shooting together or get some tips for your business in terms of your shooting, OR just come for the awesome shoot.)

$295.00 (your tuition will include all the small business information, tips to help you get moving with your own, a light brunch, and a few other goodies to take with you.)

$375.00 (your tuition will include all the small business information, tips to get you moving with your own, a light brunch, goodies to take with you, and one rockin’ fully stylized shoot!! it’s going to be so good and so fun! i can’t wait for this summer themed shoot! if you choose this option we will break for lunch (lunch isn’t included in the workshop tuition) and then start shooting as soon as our models are prepped and ready!)

$175.00 (feeling good about your business then join us just for the shoot! this tuition will include one fully stylized shoot!)

it’s going to be great and filled with so much valuable information!! would love to have you!!

email me with any questions you might have.

until then, kamee



kickin’ it with kj: running a small business workshop


stay calm and carry on

wanted to share the lovely we shot at the photoshop workshop i held earlier this month.

you enchanted yet? feeling calm? like you want to carry on? let’s do…

love the next three. so. much.

she is an enchantress. she had us all eating out of her palm for sure. had the light lasted we would have shot into the wee hours…

alyssa, no photoshop technique could make you more beautiful than you already are!!! ;)

so many people to thank:

amanda: thank you for being so constant and loyal! thanks for all the prep work, leg work, back end, front end and delicious dinner that added to my back end! ;) all jokes aside, i am so grateful for all the spirit you add to all things kj. ;)

april: thank you for helping amanda get it all set up and for all the encouragement and friendship you offer me!

jessica: i loved all the “pretty” you added to the shoot! and your “keep calm and carry on” attitude; it was so good!!! thank you for all of the hair, make up, and wardrobe talents you shared!! excited for our next projects!!

maria: thanks for doing all the shopping! ;) i knew you would come thru with excellent choices!! ;) LOVED spending time with you too!! ;)

alyssa: YOU are so stunning!! thank you for being our model extraordinaire!! you were incredible!

and a big thank you to all of the photographers who came and added to the evening with their enthusiasm and passion!!

remember to carry on…you will find our sweet spot…keep calm; there will always be something to learn!! ;)

thank you again to everyone for a great evening!!


mamarazzi: a photography workshop designed especially for moms

i have been a mom now for almost six years. we added another when gun was three, and she is now two, so if you had up both of their ages i guess i have been a mom for almost eight years, kind of, in a manner of thinking. ;) it’s going way to fast. sometimes i feel their little lives are like sand, sifting through my finger tips, or bubbles popping in the aftermath of bath time, and it’s all i can do to catch every moment of them.




sometimes i want time to stand still, just for a second longer, just so i can drink them in a bit more. i hope they know how much i love them; i hope they feel it, see it, and believe it, every single day. i hope they know they are my greatest accomplishments! i also hope i do justice to their youth by documenting it as often as i can.

i know as parents we all feel a certain weight of responsibility in terms of our children: love them, educate them, teach them, prepare them. i also think we feel a responsibility to document them; i know i do at least, and i know that could just be because i am in the business, but the more women i talk to the more i discover that they too, want to take really great images of their children to immortalize this time in their lives, all of our lives.

it’s time to start documenting all the little pieces of sand or the little bubbles, before they slip completely away into the sand castles and ginormous bubble baths of their lives!



mamarazzi: a photography workshop designed especially for moms is intended for mothers who want to better understand their cameras as a goal to better document their own kids.

the mamarazzi workshop will actually run over the course of 3 months (we will be meeting once a month for three months). at each meeting we will discuss a different aspect of photography namely how to work all the buttons on your camera and what they mean, how to understand light and it’s fundamental requirement to photography, and how to compose your shots to aid you with better story telling capabilities. each class will be about two hours and will be packed with information, a few goodies to take with you to inspire you to get to shooting, some great edibles, and a good time away from the little people to rejuvenate for a bit. ;)

who is this workshop for: moms (and dads) who want to take better pictures of their children

when will the workshop be held: (remember it is three evenings)

march 25th 7-9pm

april 22nd 7-9pm

and may 27th 7-9pm

why three evenings? i want to spread the information out a bit to give us all time to practice and create. we will be focusing on certain aspects each month, creating a discussion board and a place to post our images for safe feedback. (i also want us to have a ladies night, each month. that’s how i see it playing out in my head at least. we learn cool photography stuff and then hang out and relax a bit.)

where will the workshop be held: my place, in corona, ca

what to bring: your camera (doesn’t matter what you have, but it would be best if you had a dslr which basically means a camera where you can change out the lenses. if you don’t have one, it’s totally cool; this class is still geared for you!! if you are in the market for buying a new camera let me know and i will make some suggestions.)

what will all of this cost: $175.00 for the whole three evenings of workshopping! (your tuition includes a whole bunch of great knowledge on how to shoot better pictures of your own children, incredible after dinner edibles, and a few surprises to help inspire you to get to shooting.)

i want to keep the class smallish, so if you are interested jump on it. ;) i would love to meet you and have you in my home to be able to discuss the most important role we have and how to document it more passionately.

join us! it’s going to be great!! come and take advantage of this great offer to better learn how to document your child’s life.

mamarazzi: photography workshop designed specifically for moms


de-brief: friday’s mini-photoshop workshop

i love to say the word de-brief. i’m not sure why i just like all the it connotes: reviewing things that went well, discussing areas for improvement, celebrating hard work, setting goals for the next time, and laughing over silly moments. i am a huge fan de-briefing.

let’s visually de-brief friday’s mini-photoshop workshop:






















now, that’s, a good de-brief. :)

like always there are a village of friends to thank for all of their hard work to help make all of this happen.

first, everyone who came. i was so inspired by all of you and your passions for photography. thank you for entering my life on friday; i hope we meet again soon. i can’t wait to see what you all create! i believe in you and your artistic eyes!

katrina, our design and style guru. i hope you know, hope you feel, how appreciative i am of all you do and all you add to my life! thank you for the color you add to everything you touch!!

amanda, the workshop director and my assistant. thank you for making the sun rise on all of the kamee june events! you are support, personified. thank you for being there, for everything.

to the owners of galleano winery, thank you for allowing us to be on your property; it was lovely and perfect and just what we needed.

shannon eberhardt, the customized detailer. thank you for all of the little touches you always help me add. there is no end to your creativity! thank you for supporting me in all of my endeavors!

ruth and aj, who you will be seeing a lot of on my blog soon :), our willing and incredibly able models. thank you for making the trip and for sharing your smiles and love with us. you both make such pretty pictures!! i’m excited to share your full engagement session soon!!

thank you again to everyone who made the evening possible! i am smiling thinking about all of you and our shared laughter and passion for learning new things!! looking forward to seeing what you all created and your artistry behind it!!

wppi: mini-photoshop workshop with kamee june

i’m all about  making things happen! ;) there was an interest so i am going for it: i will be hosting a mini-photoshop workshop at wppi!! seats are extemely limited so if you are interested GO FOR IT!!

the details:

date: monday, february 21, 2011

time: 11:00am-3:00pm (i know, not the best light to shoot in but i am sure we can find some open shade. vegas has open shade for sure, right? ;))

place: we’ll meet in the main lobby of the mgm hotel, shoot outside and then do our post processing somewhere to be announced.

price: $225.00 (includes a brief but incredibly stylized shoot(everything you shoot will be yours to use in portfolio building), full post processing steps (from download to web posting), and a set of kamee june photoshop flashcards (40 cards in a set. each set includes the example image sooc with the specs, light, and time of day it was shot in. and an after card with the photoshop recipe on the back.)

who will we be shooting? none other than whitney herself, of whitney darling photography! she is going to be there as our model muse for the shoot; and you’ll be able to get your lens on her!




it’s going to be similar to what is happening here only on a smaller vegas style and scale! i still promise to deliver though and share what i have learned and offer answers to any questions i can give!!

join us! it’s going to be super fun! we’ll need to eat during that time too so bring a bag of chips or something to snack on while we are working!! or better yet, we’ll order room service!! ;)

looking forward to the entire wppi experience and meeting you! hope you can make it to the mini-photoshop workshop!!

see you next month in VEGA$!! (excited you’ll be there whitty-woo and ashley too!!)


wppi: mini-workshop with kj

this friday’s photoshop workshop; join us!

if you are interested we’d love to have you!!

join us!!!

this workshop is for EVERYONE: novice or seasoned photographer. you will be in good company with everyone and the information will be applicable to all levels of photographer!

you’ll learn how to take your images from here:


to here:


you will go home with some invaluable knowledge, some INCREDIBLE images to add to your portfolio, a full set of photoshop flashcards with recipes, and a few other goodies. it’s going to be a great evening.

COME, you will be welcomed; i’d love to meet you and talk shop!!

for all the details on the workshop and the button for registration click HERE.

hope to see you on friday!!! kj

calling all lightroom-ers

i am all about spreading the word on a good thing:
WHERE: THE LA Lofts (Hollywood)
WHEN: February 4-7, 2011
DISCOUNT: $150 off workshop fee

“Everybody has a workflow now, but do you have one that works?  Steamlines your efficiency?  Does everything you need within one application?  Allows you to find any of your images throughout your entire image collection in seconds with ease?  D65 has a workflow that works.

D65′s 4-day intensive Digitial Workflow, Not Workslow workshop will teach you a detailed workflow using Lightroom 3, including digital asset management, processing and image delivery.  We will equip you with the tools to manage your images efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. You’ll keep every image you shoot organized and archived. D65 provides insider tips and tricks how  best to work pre-capture to ensure you get the best out of Lightroom post capture.”
for those of you who use lightroom this looks like something super valuable and well worth the investment!! go for it!!!

what’s not in my bag: a photoshop mini workshop with kj

my friend jen gave me and article several years ago about how it wasn’t the equipment that made the photographer noteworthy, but rather the photographer’s understanding of the equipment and making it all work in correlation with light and exposure. the photographer also needs to know how to properly use what’s in his bag to get the desired look he is hoping to achieve. different lenses combined with different settings create different results.

i am asked frequently what’s in my bag. i shoot with a canon 5d (i have the mark ii but prefer the 5d; i just like the color better). my principle lens is my 50mm 1.2. when that baby isn’t attached my 35mm 1.4 is. i recently bought the 85mm 1.2, and am in love with it’s photographic prowess. i have a 24-70 2.8 and a 70-200 2.8 but rarely use them, just when i am at weddings for certain things. i also have a lensbaby, which is fun to have in my pocket for artsy things. i shoot with 2 580ex flashes too. that’s the bag. (i’ll do a post soon on which lens i use for what and when; hang tight for that one.)

there is more to photography, however, than what fills the bag. there is the whole process of post: what you do after you do what you do with all of the fancy stuff in the bag. so what’s not in my bag that helps with my final product? there’s not too much to it, but it does require more time than a side kick and less time than a full blown workshop. so this month i will be hosting a mini workshop on how to work the tools used for post process, the very important tools that aren’t found in the bag. :)

so we all have something great to work with we are going to start with an incredible fully stylized shoot, brought to us by the lovely katrina. we have already started formulating ideas; it’s going to be good, really good. remember: everything you photograph you will be able to use for your portfolio building. after, we’ll download, and while we are downloading we’ll have a bite to eat. then i’ll walk you through everything, EVERYTHING, i do post process. i won’t leave anything out, and if you have a question it will be answered!!! we’ll go through it all step by step; i’ll show you all of my post processing process from download to saving and posting on the web. i’ll explain the functions i use and am comfortable with and how i take my images from here:


to here:


i’ll break down the snow queen, starting here:


and ending here:


i’ll show you my standard kamee june processing:





share some tips for good skin tones:



how i bump color without over bumping:





i’ll even show you how i post processed the ghosts:







i’ll show you whatever you want to see. i promise. this is your chance to get some of your photoshop questions answered.

the full details:

the date: january 28th, 2011

the time: 300pm-800pm

the place: corona, ca (full details to follow)

the tuition: $295.00

the inclusion: fully stylized shoot, dinner, a packet of kamee june flash cards with all of my favorite photoshop tips and recipes, and as much photoshop know-how that you want to know and learn! (if i don’t know the answer to all of your questions i will help you find them. another promise. ;))

photoshop can be an powerful tool when used effectively. it give images their “wow” factor. it takes them from level b to a. it adds that special something we all want our art to have.



i hope you will be able to join us; it’s going to be great!!! contact me with any questions you have. look forward to seeing you at the end of the month to put your “sweet” into the “creative suite”!! ;)

mini photoshop workshop with kj

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