Drink Herself In

There is a moment. It happens very quickly- when a bride has a brief second to drink herself in, as, a bride: what she always imagined she would look like on her wedding day is smiling back at her in the mirror. It’s hypnotizing, really. Spellbinding.  I usually get emotional over it. It’s sweet- yet swift. It happens every wedding, and it is priceless. Grateful. Grateful I get to see all of these gorgeous brides marry see themselves perfectly- the way we all see them, regularly, not just on their wedding day!

Grateful to Ashley for taking me with her to shoot this wedding. Any time with you is a gift, Ashley; I am thankful for the memories we make for others and ourselves when we are together!!









Sweet Valentines

Hope everyone feels love today, in some form or fashion.

Much love from me to you, and these two, too!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!










Dear Tiffany & Co.

Dear Tiffany & Co.,

I am not afraid of a shameless plug. I would like to pitch these two for your next ad campaign. Tell me you don’t see your Tiffany blue all over these. Tell me you don’t see your writers’ new muses, in front of your faces. I mean, if it’s love in a box that you’re sellin’, then baby, these two could push little blue packages with satin white ribbons in adorable crisp bags out your doors like they were the new drug. I’d walk in to any Tiffany & Co. and buy this love; if I could. Take that to your advertising team and see what they come up with, then swing back on buy (see what I did there ;)), for the rights to the images!!

I do love you Tiffany & Co. I believe ours would be a true love too!

Jokes in my pockets. Megan and Doug, if you could bottle up your love and sell it, we’d all get in line for just a taste!! Much love to you both!! xx KJ










Feeling Nostalgic

My good friend Ashley and I have been gathering images to help create and album for a bride and groom. I know the experience is different for each person, obviously, but I get so nostalgic looking back at images that I shot. I know what my role was while I was there, and I hope I execute it well each time, but when I review the photographs and I feel everything that was happening all over again, it makes me feel, well, like I wasn’t there as a vendor, but rather there as a good friend of the family taking pictures. I love that. This family imparticular has become quite dear to me. I recently photographed Shayna’s sister’s wedding (you’ll see it soon too), and I am great friends with their mom. We text regularly and meet at Starbuck’s regularly, just for fun! I love them all so very much, and am grateful how this work has provided me with opportunities to find the people who always needed to be in my life!

Shayna and Alex, I am sending you both a big hug. Thank you for sharing all of these gorgeous memories with me!! Both of you are so kind and so filled with generosity of spirit and mind!! Thank you again for welcoming me into your family!!!








































Shayna and Alex, I know you are truly happy. I see it every time we are together, but I wish you year and years and of hearts filled with even more happy than you could imagine!! Much love to you both!! xx KJ

Causes Eyes to Sparkle

I am working on some images from a wedding I shot a while ago. I have been meaning to share every wedding, right after I shoot it, so each special day and all my brides and grooms gets the love and attention they deserve. Then, well, my real life takes over and one of my favorite pastimes (writing) and posting (all these pretty pictures) is put on the side.

I was glad when April was in touch. I LOVED revisiting their wedding; it filled my heart. I hope it always fills theirs when they see these! Just a few from their portrait session!!

Much love to you both!! Thank you for sparking the nostalgia in me!

Just read this…thought it was sweet and true. Here’s to the feeling we all love to love!!


“A wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes the eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise, and the lips to pucker. “

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Meg and Matt. NO!!! It’s Megan and Doug, Darby and Brett, and Erin and Matt

Funny story…

There are so many Brides and Grooms in my life, and I LOVE it!! I have to super concentrate on wedding day so I get all their names right! ;) While prepping for a wedding in early September I kept calling the groom, Brett. The Bride, ALL her friends on FB, everyone, kept telling me the Groom’s name was Matt. It became a huge joke and we still laugh about it today!!… “Thank goodness Brett didn’t show and that you married the right person…Phewww!!!” Was funny. Still it. I love Erin and Matt so much! Their full wedding will be on her…someday. All these weddings will!! ;)

Then jump forward…I got a payment from a Doug. I referenced another bride I met with previous to her wedding that her Doug had made their payment because I had seen it come through previous to our meeting. “Doug?? Doug, who?” “I’m marrying Brett!!!” Yep, and I keep getting them mixed up. So ladies, what you need to know is that YOU know your man’s name!! ;)

Let me introduce you to Matt, Brett, and Doug…and their ladies of course!!

Matt and Erin…Sighhhhh, her dress fit her like a dream. #sweetestgirlever!!! #neverbeenthankedsomuch #neverhadagroomkissmychecktosaythankyoueverytimehesawme #wassweet,notweirdatall!! ;)

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Brett and Darby #hersmilewillmakeyousmilefordays #genuine,bothofthem,totheirverycenter #hottypatatties #giverscarerssharers

2014-11-28_0007 2014-11-28_0006 2014-11-28_0008 2014-11-28_0015 2014-11-28_0014 2014-11-28_0016 2014-11-28_0020 2014-11-28_0021

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Megan and Doug #shinebrightlikediamonds #complete #theybleedhappyhealthyandlove #petiteandohsosweet #oneofthebestgroomreactionsatseeinghisbrideever

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Kamee June Pre-Black Friday-Cyber Monday Annual Sale



(Pretend this posted yesterday!!!) :)))

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Happy Holidays!!! HAPPY SHOPPPPPPING!!!!!! Wanted to get this out there so you can start your shopping early and maybe, hopefully, save you from going out in the pandemonium referred to as Black Friday, but somehow starts at 900pm on Thanksgiving Day! :) Eventually, we’ll have a pre-Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping sale that will start on Halloween!! when the Christmas starts to emerge before we even get to Thanksgiving. ;) Poor Thanksgiving; it’s starting to be the lost holiday!! Alas, if you can’t beat them, join them? I guess, I am joining the masses, but just by a few hours!! ;)

Today, and all days, I am grateful for the opportunity to make memories with so many friends, clients, and even strangers who turn in to friends after our shoot!! I am particularly grateful for the power the camera gives to freeze time, and to take us back to those moments, now our documented past, and make us feel nostalgia, an hug our hearts!!

In an effort to be a part of your memory making this year I have put together a few “Skip Thanksgiving” or “Shop while in a food comma” sales!!

If you have any questions fire them off to me! I will be perfectly at my leisure, by the beach in Kauai, ready to answer and get you booked!! Click on the contact button at the top and I’ll get right back to you!!

In the meantime, Happy eating, Happy celebrating with family and friends, Happy setting up Christmas, and happy shopping. And may we take a little bit of time to be quiet and still and grateful for all we have!!! May we also be aware of those who are alone this time of year; may we find ways to serve them and give them a reason or a someone to be grateful for as well!

Much love!! Kamee


AND THE KJ Thanksgiving Day-Cyber Monday sales are…Drum Roll….

(Remember the sale is good for 1 year. It expires a year from today! Your event doesn’t have to be this month; you have a whole year to use your purchase!!)


Mini Portrait Session

30 minutes of time

All edited files sent to you by digital transfer

Regularly priced at $325.00

TODAY- MONDAY Same package only $275.00

To reserve this price I need a $100.00 deposit or if your pay in full today-Monday I will take off an additional 5% if you pay in full, making the new total $261.25.

All buttons to purchase are at the bottom!!

2014-11-16_0009 2014-11-16_0013 2014-11-16_0023 2014-11-16_0029

The KJ Portrait Session

1-2 hours of time.

All edited files from session sent to you via digital transfer.

Regular Price $650.00

TODAY-MONDAY take 10% off the total package if paid in full take 15% off! 10% off is $585.00 and 15% off is $552.50.

2014-11-27_0002 2014-11-27_0003 2014-11-27_0004 2014-11-27_0005 2014-11-27_0006 2014-11-27_0007 2014-11-27_0008

AND now for the weddings!!!!

I have two wedding packages. AND two deals for the two packages. You choose which deal.

My basic package is $2950.00

You can choose to either add and extra hour (making your total time 7 hrs) AND a 20 page (25 image) 10X10 engagement or wedding album OR 15% off the entire package if you book in full this weekend ; making your new total for the basic package $2507.50 if you choose the 15% off.  If you choose the extra hour and album then all you need to do this weekend to book is to pay 25% of the package total. To get the 15% PLEASE TEXT OR EMAIL ME BEFORE BOOKING TO MAKE SURE  YOUR DATE IS FREE!!  And so I can elucidate any questions you have!! Also if you would like to add a la carte options fire me off an email and I’ll email the other goodies you can add to your package. We will customize your package so everything you want/need will be included in the discount! Right now email will be the best to reach me!

My Extended Package special is just like the first. Only there is a bit more bang with this one! To see the exact packages and what is included in both check out this link here: www.kameejune.com/info/

You can choose to either add an extra hour (making your total time 9 hrs.) AND a 20 page  (25 image) 10X10 engagement album (that includes TWO albums with this package, one engagement and one for the wedding!!) This package only requires a 25% deposit off your total booked this weekend, OR you can take 15% off the entire package if you book in full this weekend;  If you take  the extra hour of time and the 10×10 album the package stays the same $4950.00. If  you choose to book the 15% deal the extended package stays the same, but the new price will be $4207.00. To get the 15% PLEASE TEXT OR EMAIL ME BEFORE BOOKING TO MAKE SURE YOUR DATE IS FREE!! And so I can elucidate any questions you have!! Also, if you would like to add a la carte options fire me off an email and I’ll email the other goodies you can add to your package. We will customize your package so everything you want/need will be included in the discount! Right now email will be the best to reach me!

2014-11-28_0006 2014-11-28_0007 2014-11-28_0008 2014-11-28_0009 2014-11-28_0010 2014-11-28_0011 2014-11-28_0012 2014-11-28_0013 2014-11-28_0014 2014-11-28_0015 2014-11-28_0016 2014-11-28_0017 2014-11-28_0018 2014-11-28_0019 2014-11-28_0020 2014-11-28_0021 2014-11-28_0034 2014-11-28_0035 2014-11-28_0036 2014-11-28_0037 2014-11-28_0038 2014-11-28_0039 2014-11-28_0040 2014-11-28_0041 2014-11-28_0042 2014-11-28_0043 2014-11-28_0044 2014-11-28_0045 2014-11-28_0046

More from Darby and Brett’s Lake Tahoe wedding soon!!!

Alright, let’s get to shopping…

Or you can send the money to paypal via kamee@kameejune.com.

I will send you a personal invoice for the wedding packages!! Your wedding does NOT need to be in 2014! (That’s funny when I think of it!!) You can take advantage of this deal even for a wedding in 2016 or 2020!! You just have to book by Monday at midnight!

If you have any questions about anything please email me at kamee@kameejune.com!!

You have today-Monday at midnight!!! Get your shopping on! I am headed out now to do some kayaking with my team; if I don’t respond right away I will by the end of the day for sure! Until then, sorry this didn’t post last night; I fell into my own food coma and then the coma turned to full on sleep!! Pretend it’s yesterday!!!

Much love to you all!!! Happy Holidays and happy shopping!!!! Would love to be a part of all your memory making!!!

She, Her, Kara Keough Boz

If you know her, you are addicted. Even if you don’t know her personally you are addicted to her. She is just that type. You know the kind you meet for ten minutes but find yourself strangely magnetized to? And when you find out you get to spend more time with her on another occasion you get all giddy inside because you know she is going to make you feel like you are the only person in the whole world, even if you only get to talk to her for 30 seconds. That’s her. The one you never get enough of. The one you wish you always had more time with. The one who makes all the hard feel softer. The one who makes all the sad way happier. The one. Kara has been my friend for over a decade now (hard to believe, right Kar?).

She was first a student in my English class, then a yearbook staffer, and her senior year, the year I left teaching she was the yearbook editor. I knew, even though I didn’t see her every day that we would still be friends. There are certain people that come in to your life at a certain time for a certain purpose. Kara, for all these years, has continued to be in my life, and has continued to be as consistent as the tide and time.

I often think of how many of my former students, post graduation, have stayed in touch, and how our relationship shape-shifts from teacher/student, to true friends. One of my former students, Ashley West, is one of my very best friends. Kara, is another. The age gap doesn’t exist anymore.  Now we are just two people who share a mutual respect and love for each other and each other’s lives! Kara has become a friend who knows my heart and keeps it safe. I love her very much for that. She has helped me pursue dreams, has reminded me I have a place to fall, has kept my head on straight, and each time we are together, each time, she makes me feel like I am the most important and the most loved. I am am grateful for that. She is treasured in my life. I hope, I make her feel as loved as she does me.

Her wedding was just as we all expected it to be: gorgeous, breathtaking, and of course FUN!! What I kept thinking while I was there, however, was that nothing, not the dress, the shoes, the diamonds, the flowers, the details, cake, entertainment, nothing, was more beautiful than her and Kyle, and their relationship.

Kara IS the dress, she IS the shoes, she IS the cake, she IS and always will be the diamond!! This post is just for her!

I will share the rest (don’t worry, Kyle, your post is coming too!! I can’t promise it won’t be riddled with the funny things you say!! ;)) of the wedding soon!! I don’t know if she will ever know the depths and breadths of how important and special and loved she is by me, but I hope this touches the surface, just a bit!! Love you so much, Kar! Thank you for being so dear to me!! Thank you for sharing this time in your life with me!!













































Kar, You will always be a stunner, a charmer, an enchantress, and a warm soul and safe place!! Love you friend!!! xx Me

The rest, the two of the together, and all their pretty little details,are coming  up!!!



If She Asked

If she asked for the moon, he’d say, “You’ll have it tomorrow!” And then an amazing origami hand- crafted moon would appear on her bed-side table when she woke with a note attached: I’d give you anything you asked. 

If she said I need time, he’d say, “I’ll wait.” And then he would, patiently, for five years.

If she asked for his heart, he’d say, “You’ve always had it.” And then she’d smile, knowing it was true.

If he asked her for her heart and to be in his heart forever, she’d say, “Yes.”

And that’s just what she did.

These two filled a few holes in my heart last weekend. Was graced by their love, laughter, spirit, soul, friendship, and romance.

So very happy to be a part of it. So humbled to be touched by so much love!

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” –William Shakespeare

Well said Will! So fitting, don’t you think Nikki and Brandon? Here’s to you both, and a treasured love!





















Much Love, KJ

Hello, New Person

My babies are not babies any more, per say, in fact the other night I went to check on them right before I turned out all the lights and they both looked so big all stretched out and relaxed, sleeping. There is, and always will be, a space, a time continuum, a sacred place in a parent’s heart where her children, no matter their age or size, are always innocent, tiny, completely dependent, and perfectly perfect babies. Whenever, I hold a new baby, even just for a few hours to make memories for new parents, I re-visit my own memories of when mine were this very little and brand-new people in my life -brand-new perfect people, and my heart feels full- full of them and the beginning of our life together.

Congratulations to Yas and Amir!! Baby Zain was born into so much love!! I was grateful to feel it; thank you for sharing it with me!! Much love to you all!!











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