Ir Twentyonethings


1. I prefer plastic utensils to metal.

2. If I could only eat one food the rest of my life it would
be chips and salsa.

3. I will never change my citizenship (I LOVE America!), but
London will always be my hometown.

4. I LOVE Nordstrom!!!

5. I like looking at things under a microscope.

6. I am crazy about the cinema, red carpet, and all things Hollywood.

7. I dreamt for years of being a Broadway star!! I still do.


8. I hate my nose.

9. I want to be tapped into the Diet Coke I.V. drip!

10. I am a high school English teacher by degree.

11. I wish I would have written the Harry Potter series.

12. The over-abundant misuse of the word “literally” is hysterical to me! I “literally” die laughing every time it is used inappropriately. HA! LOL!

13. I believe in the human spirit and the power of experience.

14. I have A CRUSH on Ian Somerhalder.


15. I have an affinity for all baked goods. Most I only like to
bake, not eat. Weird, I know!

16. I believe nothing is original – every thought or
idea came from a preceded thought or idea,
making nothing really new or unique! Every idea is
a stolen idea, because every thought was built on someone else’s. Mull on that.

17. I like you, very much, and we haven’t even met yet!


18. I like to think I’m a deep thinker.

19. I totally overuse the exclamation point when I write!!!! I hope it doesn’t translate that I am shouting, but rather how excited I am!!!!

20. I love pretty, little, sparkly things, and I LOVE, love, romance, passion and anything that makes me feel and think!

21. My favorite number is 21!

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