Summer Lovin’ And a Story About a Hammock

I am in Utah right now. Working a bit. Chillin’ a bit. Catching up with family and friends a bit. Mostly playin’ a lot! I love summer here. Especially the summer nights. I love summer nights in general, for summer reason they just spark memories of summer romance for me and I like those thoughts.

When my kids come to visit the cousins’ house they disappear. I don’t see them for hours, days, sometimes the whole week we are here. I look forward to the time I will have with them while on vacation and then when we get here I realize I am chump change compared to the cousins. It’s cool. I get it. I also get to nap while they are off making memories and playing in dirt pools.

Today I thought I would be cool to take my kids to campus, the place where they started, kind of, well, where their history started. Alright, the place where I met their dad and we fell in love. Let me hear it everyone, ahhhh…so, sweet!!!! I took them to the apartment complex where we lived while we were dating, then to campus where we would study together. At each spot I thought their enthusiasm would increase…”Tell us more Mom!! Show us where you picnic’d together and where you kissed under the umbrellas while it was raining. Fill us with the history of you and Dad!!! Please, we HAVE to hear more!!” It was more like, “Please, Mom, take us to the bathroom; we need a snack; where are the Cougars; how long do we need to be here?” It was anti-climactic to say the least, but my heart felt the nostalgia and I lived on that for a second, it and felt sweet. It took me back 14 years to a space and a place where an innocent love affair began and then developed into a laughter filled friendship, and finally a love that would lead to commitment.

Jaren and I dated a little while before I decided to take a break from school to pursue a humanitarian service project for a year and a half in Ecuador. Jaren was heartbroken for me to go; it was sweet. I was sad to leave him, but  knew I had to go. We promised we would write and keep in touch. At the end of my time their I was walking a local market. I came across a vendor selling hand-crafted  hammocks. I thought I would bring a few home for friends and family. I grabbed one for Jaren.

Today, on the way home from the tour of love, ahem, the tour of the BYU campus, we passed the apartment he lived in while we were engaged. It reminded me of that hammock. He strung it between two trees that were in the backyard. The summer before we got engaged we swung slowly in that hammock, together, our legs pretzeled, one of my hears listening to his heart pumping time, the other hear the cicadas, other summer insects’ night songs, and all the sweet words young loves say during a summer of romantic pursuing!

I’ll tell my kids that story one day, and they’ll listen, and think it’s sweet, or maybe not, but for me, it always will be one of my best memories from a summer of love!!

This entire summer I have been wanting to share Heather and Taylor’s Huntington Beach engagement images, but was waiting for the right moment, with the right story to share with them.

I think their love will always feel like summer love. Always.























































Here’s to summer love, wherever it may be, and however you may find it!! xx KJ



Chinese New Year

I am not really sure when the Chinese New Year was this year! But I know what today is; it’s Alex and Wes’s FIRST new year anniversary!!!  365 days ago the universe’s elements (and a lot of friends and family) aligned and combined for the nuptials of a truly special couple!! I don’t even have the words to tell you how special they are to me. I have tried writing this blog post in my head now for 365 days! I just can’t put my mind on the feelings and sentiments I have to share with you all to know what incredible people they are! They have touched my life, left their thumb prints on my heart, forever! We met through an unfortunate circumstance. That sounds odd, but it was actually quite fortuitous! I, was, actually, profoundly grateful they had had photography troubles! ;) We met for dessert, isn’t that quaint? They hardly knew me, and they chose to meet me for a baked good! Before I arrived I got an email warning me about Wes: “I never know what is going to come out of his mouth so I will apologize in advance!” I knew the evening was going to be a laugh at least! ;) I love when immediate connections are made. I love when immediate similarities rise to the surface of conversation, and I love when brand new friends make you feel like you have been friends since birth. I wanted to keep ordering dessert, keep chatting, keep enjoying a new found friendship! I walked away thinking, “I’d PAY them to shoot their wedding; I like them SO much!!” They met in a biology class at CSUF. Alex was all about her studies and Wes was all about making friends and making people laugh; Alex couldn’t be bothered and didn’t find anything about him funny. In fact, she’ll tell you, to this day, “He annoys  me, but I love the way he annoys me.” Wes, a smart guy, knew a good thing when he saw it and was determined to make her laugh. That biology class turned into a great chemistry between the two! And together they are the perfect fusion of people!! Alex is the type of person that gives presents to her guests on her birthday! She writes thank you notes for a thank you note written to her. She sends personalized notes to friends-just because. She thinks about you and then telephones or sends a quick text. She cares more about the people who fill her life than anything that has to do with herself. She learns your love language quickly and then she uses that knowledge to tell you that you are appreciated and special to her. She is lovely. She is graceful. She will make you laugh so hard you feel like you have done 200 sit-ups, and she can take a joke and allow others to tease her too!! She is witty, fun, wicked-smart, stylish, kind, and a model person and friend. I am so grateful she is one of mine. Wes, you are good people! If I asked you for your shirt, first you’d make a joke about how I needed to get a job to get my own shirt, then you’d say, “I’m kidding!!” and take off your shirt, give it too me, along with your Nike kicks, and any cash you had in your wallet. You look all tough, but you are as sensitive as they come and I love the way WE make fun of Alex!!! :) You are warm, generous, and you care about the good of people, especially Alex. I just texted Alex, right this minute, as I was typing this, and told her I was thinking of her!! She texted me right back! It was sweet and made my heart happy, just like these images do, and the fact that I was a part of their day, but have somehow, someway, been blessed to now be a part of their lives!! Alex and Wes, Thank you! Thank you for sharing all this joy and friendship with me! Thank you for opening your hearts and for sharing your mad, phat, rad, chemistry with me!!!! I love you both, very much!!!! Cheers and Happy 1st Anniversary!!!! I think some Kate Spade shopping is in order!! ;) Your first year anniversary images will shared properly soon too!!!  Much, much love, KJ 2014-07-19_0001

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Wedding Traditions According to Kamee June And Her Man Jaren

Most weddings have the same ebb and flow: get ready, get married, get dancin’! The majority include all the classic wedding traditions too: vows, cake cutting, first dance, etc.

At each wedding I wonder what the traditions mean. The funny thing is I have never looked or researched, which is so unlike me. I just keep shooting weddings and keep wondering why for centuries of time we have done the things we have done at each wedding. The other night I was editing and sorting through some very sweet first dance photographs. It got me thinking again about these wedding traditions. I really want to know how they started, why they started, and above all what they mean! They have to be symbolic of something! They have to mean something!!

While I was editing I looked up at my man, Jaren, and I started asking him questions about our wedding day. I was curious to know what he remembered about it, and how our memories compared; in true bride fashion: I remembered more! He remembers our food, and having fun taking photographs. He doesn’t even remember what I looked like! I had to prod to get that memory out of him!!  “Big, white dress.” Was about the extend of his memories of me! ;) Then I asked him what he thought all the commonalities found at weddings meant. Instead of going to the great Google God we, together, we came up with a few ideas about the wedding traditions that make me most curious!


Cutting the cake together!! What does this mean? Why cut a cake together? Jaren and I have cut ONE cake together in our life, that’s it. It’s not like we go around finding cakes to cut or like we make it a point to cut our children’s birthday cakes at their parties, together. Or like I make a cake out of nowhere, for no reason, and when it’s ready for slicing call up to him, “J, Darling, Dearest-Love, come down so we can cut this cake together, just as we did on our wedding day!!” What does it mean? Why cut the cake together??

Jaren and I decided it’s the first effort of doing things “hand in hand” and “side by side”: a major effort in marriage through every season of the life they have just committed to living together. The feeding each other the first piece of cake has always been enigmatic too. We figured that is representation of serving each other; I serve you, you serve me; I focus on you and not me, you focus on me and not you. Smashing cake, however, I am oblivious to that completely!

I love the first kiss as a married couple! I how many kisses have been shared previous to that kiss, innumerable ones: quick ones, silly ones, long ones, passionate ones, soft ones. Unless of course you are a member of the Duggar Family, and you wait for your first kiss for your wedding day when you are pronounced man and wife! We, Jaren and I, think this kiss, in front of all the people who love and support them the most, is a sign to them, a symbol of their romance, it’s a tender and open promise to everyone present that they will love, only the other, romantically, emotionally, and spiritually the rest of their days! I adore the first kiss as man and wife.

The next tradition and last one that J and I qualified is the first dance. When you attend weddings, stop what you are doing during the couple’s first dance and please watch them. Smile at their sweetness for each other. Listen to the words of the song they have selected as their song. Recomite yourself to love the person you love the most in this world on a deeper more emotional level, and, watch, watch how the couple dances together. Do they talk seriously? Do they talk at all? Do they look at each other and smile sweetly? Do they laugh? Do they wave at their guests and ignore each other? How to they move together to the beat of their song? The first dance, according to us, me and J, is seeing eye to eye, meeting in the middle, and still holding each other closer even if you don’t always agree or like the music the other one is playing, all while dancing to the ever changing rhythms of life. The couple’s first dance indicates to me, how they will take the staccatos and legatos that come after the happiest day ever!

Scott and Ashley’s wedding day was a symbol to me of true love and a perfect pairing of opposites made to be together. They fit perfectly. I was so happy to be there. I got emotional a couple of times being near their extraordinary respect and love for each other.

Their first dance was a tribute to them, a symbol of their mutual admiration for each other and their effort to keep in step with the other. They only looked at one another, and they way he looked at her, his wife, his one true person, would have made any heart melt. I know mine did, but I of course, was watching, like I always do- inspired by all love and the stories the accompany it!

To Ashley and Scott, thank you for sharing this time and this day with me! I was so happy to be there, so grateful for the experience! Thank you for touching my heart and for sharing your love!! May you continue to dance, regardless the beat, held on to the other and with much love!!







2014-07-15_0009 2014-07-15_0010




This one, the way he looks at her says it all, she is his, and he will forever smile the way he does here, because he is hers.


Ashley and Scott, Thank you again, for sharing this time with me!! Much love, KJ



Call the Midwife

I am obsessed right now with a show called Call the Midwife. It’s set in London in the 50′s and the whole premise of the show is about, well delivering babies. Only the babies are delivered at home in some pretty gnarly conditions. I am baffled by how child birth has changed so drastically, and so quickly, THANK GOODNESS, through last 6 decades! One major difference is that men were never allowed to be there to help their wives or see the birth of their child. Last night Jaren and I were talking about grateful we are that that difference changed! It was sweet to hear him listen about the birth of our two children, what he felt, how emotional he was; he got emotional talking about it (It was cute; I loved it!). Be both finished the little visit agreeing that he needed to be there, not only to witness the birth of his child too, but to help and encourage me.

I met with Yasmin and Amir a week ago. I get super excited for all pending babies, but first-born pending babies: it’s a whole new excited ball game!! I love it!! I also really enjoy visiting with the pending parents about their excitements and trepidations too. Yasmin told me she was afraid of getting him here, more or less. I told that anything we have never experienced before makes us afraid because we have no context of it, no schema to base our experience on. The brain naturally causes fear and worry. No matter how many women live to tell the tale, it is something you have to live for yourself to understand. I tried to say something that would help,”I would relive Gunnar’s and Larkin’s literal birth days over and over again because they were that unbelievably amazing!!!!”

Baby Zain will come and he will be lucky to be welcomed by these parents, so filled with love themselves and a certain energy for living and loving that in undeniable sweet!! So grateful to have been a part of this time!!

No need to call a mid-wife, Yasmin; call the anesthesiologist, and you’ll be good to go!! Much, much love, KJ














Kate Spade and the Perfect Accessory

If you know me well you know I live by several tenets. I won’t go into detail with my list, but several are common to most: live with integrity, be honest, leave it better than you found it, take yourself and those around you to higher ground in all you do and say, etc. etc. etc. I am sure those sounds like codes you all live by as well. My girlfriends also know that I strongly believe in the idea of retail therapy. I REALLY do believe that doing a little shopping and indulging in yourself, just a little bit, can be uplifting. It might be a temporary fix to a problem, and it might also give clarity on how to solve an on going problem: coping with a highly emotional child is much easier in a pair of Jimmy Choos.

I shot a wedding last summer in San Diego: Megan and Brad’s wedding. Like all the weddings I shoot, I walked away from this one saying, “That was my favorite!” They are all my favorites for their own reasons. Megan and Brad’s had many, but I was particularly magnetized to Megan’s choice in jewelry. She too is a total and complete Kate Spade fanatic. I walked in, saw the pink and orange, and green and turquoise boxes, and knew immediately, Megan was one of my people. The necklace she chose as her wedding necklace was the most powerful signature piece a bride could wear: elegant yet noteworthy, delicate yet powerful, stated yet understated. It was just all around magnificent. I knew I had to have it. Not steal it from her, but you know, get my own.

Ashley, my dear friend, and side kick at many of the weddings I photograph, couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home from the wedding. I was on a mission: I would find that necklace and call it my own. I was so obsessed I pictured myself sleeping in it!!

I was so tired after the wedding and the drive home, but I had to look on line to find it, and find it I did, and, then, I tried to find a knock off, something similar but a quarter the cost. It just wasn’t going to happen. Nothing I found could match the really Mackoy!! I had to have it, and I knew, one day I would find it and call it my very own.

Skip ahead to the dawn of Fall.

I found myself in crisp Boston, again, with my good friend Ashley. Boston is her current base, I was there to see her of course, and do a little work as well. I am a HUGE fan of all cities. I loved Boston the second I met it! It’s the most perfect little city: not too big, yet big enough, and SO rich in history and texture AND food!!!! Everything about that trip was so, uplifting. My heart was very happy in Boston. Again, I believe in retail therapy, and Ashley is a shopper herself, so she took me to a great row of shops. We popped in and out, enjoying the brisk when we stepped out, and drinking in the warm when we stepped in. We were almost to the end of the street when we saw it: THE KATE SPADE store!!!!! I turned to Ashley and she new without me even saying anything; we had to step inside, just to see.

I love the Kate Spade style because of the colors and the clean lines. It’s edgy fashinionista meets sophisticated debutant! We strolled around a bit, looking, chatting, and then, like a beacon, we saw it. THE necklace. And next two it? A half off sign. I looked at Ash, and this might sounds silly, but kinda, a little bit, started to get emotional. I took it off the neck frame, claiming it, and walked right to the register, well, I made a stop for a pair of earrings, but clutched the necklace the whole time. It was mine. I was happy. I wore it out of the store, and Ashley and I joked and laughed about our experience in Boston and how the necklace would always be a part of it.

I do love all accessories, not just this particular necklace, and I do feel they, like they are intended, finish an outfit. Roy and Brittany, arrived to their Boston engagement shoot with the only accesories they needed: each other and true love!! Brittany, like most brides, at their engagement shoots, was a bit, hesitant to start shooting. In her own words, “It’s just that these pictures are so important. I want them to be perfect because we will have them forever!!” I was touched. She understood the power of the photograph, and I understood the power of both: the photograph and the accessory!!! I shared with Brit and Roy the story of my necklace, then I opened my jacket and showed it to them!! Then I told Brittany, whose outfit couldn’t have been more fitting, and again she didn’t need ANY accessories, that I wanted her to wear my new Kate Spade for the shoot. I was endeared to her even more by her response, “Really? Wow! That is so generous!!” The truth is what Roy and Brittany shared, what all my couples share, with me is so generous. They all share their hearts and their love stories. Each engagement I shoot, each wedding day I photograph, I take with me a metaphorical charm, and I add it to this great charm bracelet accessory. It, next to the Kate Spade, is my favorite accessory. To Brittany and Roy, and all the couples I have met or have yet to meet, thank you, from my heart, for sharing so much of yourselves with me. Thank you for letting me into your lives to be a part of the memories you will have forever!! I love you all so much and am looking forward to being a sparkling accessory to you both TODAY on your wedding day!!

Here’s to Brittany and Roy, their romance, and the necklace!!2014-01-27_0007


























Looking forward to more celebrating with Brittany and Roy, their family, and friend in July at their Santa Barbara wedding!! Much love to you both!! xx KJ

The Renaissance of Kamee June Photography

If you are still here, if you still read, if you still pop in on me, thank you! I am grateful.

I met a friend, last month, who used to read my blog before I was a photographer. Our sons were born at the same time and have “grown-up” cyber-ly together! She says she still stops by and feels sad when there isn’t anything new. It made my heart drop! For those of you who still come by to check on me, thank you! To those of you who are new, welcome! To those of you who never thought I would post again, get ready, ’cause, I am back!! I have much to share and have been keeping all the weddings I have shot the past two years under my hat, mainly because I wanted to share them properly, here, in this new space!! I love the work and art of making memories, and I am encouraged and inspired by this new site to share all of the gorgeous celebrations I have been a part of. I will be blogging regularly now! I promise! I also promise to write more. That is something I told myself I needed to do. The blog will remain a scope of professional mingled with tid-bits of personal.


This new site has been in the works for over two years now. Not kidding. I had a strong momentum and then life, like it has a tendency to do, hit hard, and I needed to shelf this for a bit. My heart is full that is it ready, and it feels like a metaphorical rebirth on a certain level.


I would be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone who has been so helpful and patient during the process:

The ladies and gent of Wiley Valentine, Rachelle, Sarah, and Phil, who have worked tirelessly for these two years taking ideas, re-working them, taking new ideas, and finally creating this gorgeous place to display and showcase my work. Thank you for sharing your hearts and talents with me. Your patience was endless. Your company ranks among the top in customer care and also in producing a top- notch quality product. I felt taken care of, looked after, and knew you had my best interests, and those of my business in mind the entire process. Thank you, from my heart, for sharing your talents with me. Thank you for developing such a true reflection of who I am as an artist; I am thankful!!



We shot my head shots (Thank you Julie and Rebecca) nearly two years ago, and my promo video a year ago, May (Head on over to the experience page and check it out!! Not saying because it’s about me that it’s bomb, saying it’s bomb because Kale Fitch made it!!). It was one of my best days of my grown-up life, thanks to Kale Fitch of Kale Fitch Films, Ashley, Kenny, Amanda, and Jessica. Real World Palm Springs, FOREVER!! Kale, thank you for reminding me of so many things about myself through your lens. I am profoundly grateful for you and your talent. We should all make videos about ourselves; they are tremendous self confidence boosters!! :) Ashley, Kenny, Amanda, and Jess, thanks for showing up and doing everything you did to make that day a success. I love the memories we made! I can’t watch the video without thinking of us all, and worrying about Kale needing a helmet!!


I am grateful for my friends and colleagues who looked at drafts and gave me honest feedback and who continuously pushed and still push me to reach my potential both personally and professionally each day: Ashley, Joy, Rebecca D., Julie, Amanda, Rebecca W., April E., Kate, Amber, Shannon A., Brooke, Kip, and Rachel Clare.


A big thank you to Jaren for always believing in me and whatever dream or scheme I come up with. Thank you for supporting all the shooting, traveling, time away, and wacky ideas to build sets in the garage. I am grateful for your confidence in me, no matter what I want to be or do each day; thank you for believing I am good at it!

My kids, who probably associate their mom with the back of my head and a large computer screen, may you know you were always my first priority. May you feel it and remember nothing of Photoshop or Lightroom from your childhood!! Regardless of where I go, how many pictures I take, the memories I make with you two will ALWAYS, be my most favorite. Thank you for being my sweetest sweets.


My parents, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my dog (we got one), my clients, ALL OF YOU who have trusted me with your life’s most precious moments. Thank you!! Thank you, from my heart for sharing that with me! Thank you for flying me around the world to be there to celebrate. Thank you for trusting me to make those memories that would take you back in time and hug your hearts every time you look at them. Thank you for sharing my name with your friends and for widening my circle of not only clients but friends as well!! I am so very grateful for all the experiences and love I have been able to be a part of. Thank you a thousand times over!


Ahhhh! I am so happy it is up!! So happy to have a new place and space! So happy to share pretty pictures regularly now!! Cruise around and check out all the cool stuff built in to the site!! Sort through the galleries and look at all the pretty pictures and memories! Fire me off an email, share this new site on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter; there are buttons for all of those things now too!!

Thank you for being a part of me and a part of Kamee June Photography! I am grateful for all the love, support, and encouragement you have shared and continue to share with me!!


The site was supposed to launch June 1, because I am thematic that way, but the Gods of computer programming, backing-up, and switching servers had another plan: site will launch in my birthday month!!! ;) And for the entire month of July in honor of the new site, AND my birth I want to offer a gift to all of you!!!

Book anything with me, a portrait session or one of my wedding packages and you will get a complimentary 12×12 20 page Kamee June Signature album as a thank you gift AND 10% off whatever you are purchasing!!! Scoot on over to the info link to check out pricing; do the math, subtract 10% from the total, add an album (you will get an engagement album if you choose the wedding package that includes an album), click on contact and let’s set something up!!! Spread the word!! If you book AND get a friend to book I have even more to offer you! ;)

PS Brides if you pay up front, in full, that will be 20% off the total, PLUS the album!!! Happy Birthday to me!!! And Happy Wedding/Celebrating to all of us!!! The July/re-launch gift lasts this month, meaning you have to book in the month of July, but will have the full year to redeem the gift. (Don’t worry if your wedding date isn’t this year; we will sort it out!)  *Brides, email me if you have specific questions about dates, etc. Hit the contact button above and let’s set something up!! Excited to hear from you!!!

AND It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday cards! The girls at Wiley Valentine are kindly and so sweetly jumping on the promotion train and are offering an exclusive 15% off any holiday card order when you book your Kamee June photos!  First book a session with me and then head over there and let the ladies know!! (I’ll let them know you have booked too! ;)) Their distinct designs offer the perfect blend of vintage and modern aesthetics. Browse their lookbook from last year to see a small sampling of their paper creations.

Brides, they will also offer 15% off your invitation suite or wedding printing needs after booking with me!! They are lovely ladies who will create the most beautiful customized written and printed memories! For information, first get yourself booked with me, then fire off an email to Sarah at 


Thank you again for all the support, love, encouragement, experience, and opportunity to be a part of your live’s memory making!! Here’s to many more years and many more photographs that always hug heart and take you back in time, every time you look at them!! IMG_5626

 Much Love, Kamee June



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