Just Something

I am working on.

These images will always serve to remind me of one of my best grown-up days. Ever.

Just a couple glimpses of a place, and a time, that we have frozen forever, and before long, we will relive it all when the whole thing goes live, soon.

Thank you to Ashley, Kenny, Jess, Amanda, Kale, and the City of Palm Springs for keeping it all so real!!! Love you, much!!

Happy weekend everyone! May it feel like a vacation!!

So grateful, for good friends that I have had for years, and that I just barely met, who believe in me, and my dreams!! Thanks for being there, team!!

And a quick inside joke that only 6 people will get:

How Lovely They Are

I sent Kareem their final invoice a few weeks ago. He sent me a text and said, “Do, you mind if I call you? I have a few questions about the invoice.” I had barely come down with laryngitis and could barely talk so I text back right away that I didn’t have a voice but that I would be happy to help answer any questions via text or email. Kareem responded, “I am sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon!” He then went on to stay he was confused about the final numbers. Which made me worry I had done my math wrong. Which I had done. In their favor. Their final invoice, according to my calculations was lower than what they did owe. Kareem wanted to make sure that I was paid fully, what was due to me, so I wouldn’t be “shorted”.

And that’s the kind of people they are. And that is one of the reason I am attracted to them: they live with integrity. And that will always be one of human nature’s most beautiful traits! And these two both have it and live with it. And I adore that about them.

Their wedding day is obviously being planned as a celebration for them, but they have all their family members, best friends, and guests in mind. These two people care so much more about other people than themselves that they would, without hesitation give up their own dinner, at their own wedding, for someone who happened to have not been served, and they wouldn’t think two seconds about it, and they wouldn’t mention it again, and they wouldn’t be hungry the rest of the night because they would have been filled with the spirit of mutual love, respect, and joy for other people.

I feel so magnetized to them both, like they are my family. Like they believe in me and love me as if I was one of their own, and I know they will treat me that way on their wedding day, and that’s why I feel a profound responsibility to do my very best for them, because that’s what they would do for me!!!

I love them both. I love their little family. I love their friends. I love what they stand for and believe in, and I love the way they choose to live their lives and love other people. I am so happy to have met them and am so happy to have this opportunity to be a part of their life!!

Ashlie and Kareem, you are both so lovely!! I am so looking forward to Friday and the day with your families and friends!! Thank you, from my heart, for including me, and for being such good, kind, and nice people! I admire you so much!!

Los Angeles Photography Workshop KJR Collaboration Small Group Workshops

We still have a couple spots remaining for the Love+Marriage=Baby Carriage July 12th, 2013 Small Group Workshop!

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This workshop has been crafted for the photographer established in his/her business; the goal is to take you to a higher level, to stretch you towards bigger goals!

Please visit our website for details at KJR Collaboration.  Registration is provided on the website as well.

See you in July!!


Aanika, Danny, and Skipping Stones Forever, Together

I love my job!! It doesn’t even feel like work; it feels like a gift, a pleasure, a treat!! I LOVE my…opportunity to experience, feel, witness, and photograph people’s love!! It’s rad, awesome, and so cool on so many levels!! I am profoundly grateful for what I do every weekend! It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth: I love the couples I photograph (I LOVE everyone I photograph)! I love their families and their celebrations and I feel blessed to be a part of their special days!!

Aanika and Danny are getting married on Saturday in Santa Barbara.

It’s going to be happy, all of it!! A happy, cheerful, fun, lighthearted day of much merry making!!! I don’t think any of us will stop smiling the whole day through!! It’s going to be the perfect day to celebrate them!!

They are the couple that skips stones together, walks the extra mile (up a really steep climb ;)) together, takes an extra minute on the beach just to hold hands and drink each other in before heading back to the busy of life. They are the couple that laugh at each other’s jokes, even the not so funny ones (and hysterical ones to other people: aka water shoes ;)); they are the couple that holds each other’s heart in each other’s hands and keeps it safe, and will keep it safe, forever.

They are the couple I love to spend time with, the couple I love to photograph, the couple I love to love!!

So happy because they are happy, together.

Here’s to Aanika, Danny, their timeless relationship, all their laughter, love, and a day they will never forget!!! Much love to them and their families!!! Excited for Saturday!!! xx KJ

Just Had to Share One

I am working on a project. These two are helping me. This is just one from our fun day of shooting in Palm Springs. A whole string of these are coming soon and the release of something BIG!!! I am smiling; I am so happy!!!

Just one for now. xxx KJ

Nicole: A Goddess Divine


You are lovely, beyond description.

You are chilled lemonade on a summer’s day;

Constant air conditioning set to 74 degrees;

The Nordstrom half-yearly, all year;

A true laugh;

A perfect perfume;

A comfortable sweatshirt,

The most perfect pair of Steve Madden’s,

The cherry on top,

and a magnificent goddess divine!!!!

Time with you is a treat. I hope I get to see more of you even after you graduate and move on to bigger adventures in the Big Apple!! I am so excited for you, so happy for this time in your life and what is awaiting you, so very excited for the growth you are on the brink of experiencing. I already know you love that city; I have a feeling it is going to love you too, like we all do.

You are beauty, personified!!!

May you drink in every experience that is waiting. May you freeze the moments that happen over the course of the next few months and save them forever in your happiest memory place. May you walk to the future with confidence, that greatness and success are waiting for you to reach out and take hold of them!!! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!! Much love, Kamee

PS Graduating seniors of the classes of 2013-14 don’t forget about the great Kamee June Senior Sale!!! Check out all the details here!!! ;)


Katie and Will and Saturday

Doesn’t that just sound sweet? Katie and Will. Will and Katie.

I adore it.

And them.

And in 4 days they will be Mr. and Mrs. Katie and Will.

Even more adorable.

I love thinking about this on a wedding day:

To everyone else in the world it’s just a normal Saturday, or whatever day of the week it is. Laundry has to be done, beds changed, soccer games attended, played, and of course, won. Children are dropped at birthday parties, grocery lists are made and checked off, pets are taken to the dog park, bikes are ridden and then left on the grass to feel the sprinklers of the next normal day. Just normal, mundane, chores are accomplished that are required to prepare for the week. But this Saturday will always be special to Katie and Will, because it has, already been etched as theirs. Their very own day, that gets to be all. about. them. To everyone else it will be just another day, but to them, it’s the day they promise, so much, for forever.

Saturday, every year, will always be, their day!! I can’t wait to be there to celebrate their first day as a married couple! Thank you, Katie and Will, for asking me to be a part of your day; I am so looking forward to being there with you and all of your most important people! Thank you for touching my heart and make it, and me, smile! Here’s to you both!! xx KJ

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