An Old Fashioned Letter to Louise and Antonio

Imagine that this is an old-fashioned letter, you know, the kind that require a stamp, the ones that are delivered to a mailbox by a real person. The envelope is linen and the color of blush, the stamp an antiqued cupid shooting a heart-shapped arrow. The script, the most beautiful calligraphy you have ever seen. The return address is mine; the recipients are Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Estrada. The letters swirl hypnotically; the soft- textured envelope beckons you to open it. So, you do. The vellum and the lines correspond with the exterior, the paper is smooth with traces of cotton, your eyes follow the calligraphy billows, as you read:

Dear Louise and Antonio,

I don’t believe in fate or chance. I believe there is a plan for our life, and I believe that people and experiences are put in our lives at certain times to help us learn something, to help us appreciate the human experience on a deeper level, to humble us, and sometimes to help us feel what it truly means to love and be alive. I am so infinitesimally grateful that you two became a part of the fabric of my life. Meeting you, and being a part of your engagement, your wedding, and a few occasions after has been a gift, a blessing. When God was making kind, loving, compassionate, thoughtful, and warm people you were among the first. He also knew that when he created you he was going to be making two people that would be filled with love for each other and for their life together, and that your relationship would serve to inspire countless others!

When we were on the boat shooting your engagement photographs, I was so fascinated by your story: how you met, how brazen Antonio was to ask you, Louise, to rub Aloe Vera on his back on the first date ;), how comfortable and real you were together, and I was especially touched when Antonio said, “I don’t like being out on the boat too long; I just don’t like being away from Louise.” This was one of those moments when I felt such clarity in relation to the importance of time and with whom I spend it. As the sun set I couldn’t help but feel sad that our session would be ending soon, and that I would be heading home, not seeing you two again until your wedding day. I wanted to stretch the light, extend the day, pay for extra hours, just so I could spend more time with you. You welcomed me into your hearts, and I was so happy and comfortable there.

Your wedding day was filled with equal grace and resplendence. It was easy to see all the care, research, and thought that had gone into the details, again, not just so you would have a lovely and memorable day, but so those attending your wedding would also. It was joyful, emotional, and so very sweet, and although I was there with a very delineated role, I also felt like I was one of your people, a friend who had come to celebrate the fact that you two had committed to sharing your life and love, together. And that made me profoundly happy.

I think about our afternoon on the boat often.

I think about your wedding day often.

I think about how grateful I am to have you as friends in my life, often.

Thank you, from my heart, for sharing yours, with me.

Much Love, Kamee

You look over the pretty writing on last time and smile, because your heart was hugged, and then you fold the paper, put it back in its home, and tuck it in a safe place, because it’s something special to you.

Louise and Antonio were married in July at the Martin Johnson House in San Diego. I am so truly sorry for the delay in posting this timelessly beautiful and classic couple and wedding, maybe it’s because I knew once I posted it that it wouldn’t be able to be posted again, that, that would signify it had been “sealed”, completed, that the letter had been sent. That it was really “all over”. Paradoxically enough, I believe that’s where the power of the photograph comes in and where the words of the Bard himself from his famous sonnet #18 resonate: So long as men can breath, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. In essence, as long as these pictures exist, so does the wedding, and every time we look at them it’s as if they are happening again, and again, and again… as all wedding-day memories should.

My good friend and colleague, Rebecca, shot the next couple of images. So grateful for her influence in my life as well!

Louise and Antonio,

Thank you again, so very much, for everything!! May these images always take you back to one of your sweetest days! Thank you for sharing it all with me! Much, much, love, KJ

For a wedding like Louise and Antonio’s tap into some of these resources:

Ceremony and Reception Site: The Martin Johnson House

Officiant: Art Guiterrez

Catering: Coast Catering by Barry Layne

Rentals: Crown Rentals

Wedding Gown: Designer: Paloma Blanca Purchased at Isis Bridal Boutique

Bride’s Shoes: Vera Wang Lavendar

Bride’s Maids’ Dresses: Ann Taylor

Hair: Kristy Warner

Make up: Erin Zepf

Groom’s Suit: J Crew

Photographer: Kamee June Photography

Videographer: Rachel Ashley, Birch Box Films

Invitation Design: Santiago Merino

Graphic design (Save the dates, Programs, Table Numbers, Escort Cards, Signage, etc.): Stacey Holton

Music: Chris Prescott

Band: Steal Dawn

Florist: Elegant Touch Floral Designs

Bakery: Elizabethan Desserts

Guest Favors: Roots Soap Co

Guest and Bridesmaid’s Welcome Bags: Wedding Chicks

Decor (Card Basket, Candle Sticks, etc.): Morgann Hill Designs

Vintage Rentals: Archive Rentals

Bouquet Brooch: Luxe Deluxe

Coordinator: Liz Zborowski

In honor of their Parisian honeymoon a few more highlights from the day; enjoy the effervescent show!

The Day After Valentine’s

There is still and overwhelming love, everywhere!

More from Shayna and Alex’s engagement soon!!

Hope the weekend is filled with love too!

And, if you got engaged yesterday, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a perfect day for it!! Now you can book your photographer today and get a great special!! ;)

Ohhh, and one from yesterday’s Valentine shoot with my littles. I’ll get those up before the month is out!


Love’s Philosophy

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!!!!!

I hope your days are filled with literal and metaphorical flowers and chocolates!! (I told my husband all I wanted was for him to come home and completely take over: no bath time or bed time routine for me!! I am going to take a bath and read a book and be alone for a couple of hours!! That those are some very sweet metaphorical smelling roses, if you know what I mean!!! ;))

In honor of the day we celebrate LOVE, I thought I would share something that is beautiful to me, along with a few “Valentine’s Postcards” I recently shot!!

Hope everyone’s day is filled with all the things you LOVE!! ;)


Love’s Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The fountains mingle with the river

And the rivers with the ocean,
The winds of Heaven mix forever
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single;
All things by a law divine
In one spirit meet and mingle.
Why not I with thine? -

See the mountains kiss high Heaven
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister-flower would be forgiven
If it disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth
And the moonbeams kiss the sea:
What is all this sweet work worth
If thou kiss not me?

A couple with a guest appearance from my littlest Valentine:

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A ton of love to Louise, my sweet and very pretty friend, for being our model!! To Jessica for the pretty hair, make up and flowers, and to Elyse Reuben for the super fun and flirty gown!!!! ;) Much love to you all of you ladies for the fun shoot!! More from our day of shooting together soon!! ;)

Until then I hope to day is filled with so much LOVE!!! Cheers, KJ

Kamee June Valentine’s Special

I know it’s not an actual holiday per-say, but I LOVE Valentine’s day! I love all the flower and chocolate deliveries, the romantic dinners, and especially the wedding proposals. It might be cliche, but I think getting engaged on Valentine’s day is so neat!

I love wearing my pink and red, and revealing surprises from the “Love Bug” to my children! And I especially love whatever ever little love note or night out my man plans for us.

It’s just such a good day to be reminded of the best emotion the human spirit and experience can ever witness or feel: LOVE!

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Happy Valentine’s to you all! May Cupid’s arrows strike again, and again, and again!

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