baby ava: a christmas elf

i love this little family, so much.

a baby, at any time, is a gift. a baby, at christmas time,  is magic.

emma teased that she looks like a little house elf; i am sure that she has changed so much since we shot these images that she is out of her house elf stage. i couldn’t help but think of emma’s baby elf when i moved our elf on the shelf today!! i giggled a little thinking of emma calling her a “little dobby”. i am certain, like the magic our little elf brings to my children each day, ava, a literal present, brings so much joy to her parents’ lives and all those that know her.

what a priceless time in life, for everyone.

so happy i could spend a bit of time making a few memories of some of the sweetest days of newborn life.

emma, david, and baby elf (aka ava):

thank you for sharing so much of your life with me! so grateful for all the time we have together and for the example of true love and respect you are to me!!! may this season be filled with so much happy, more than you ever felt you could feel!! i love you guys, so much!!! xx nuz

love you!! and your pretty baby girl elf!!!! xx kj


i feel my life is so rich and blessed with good friends who love, support, and encourage me. i am grateful for all of the friendships i have made through photography and feel that part of the reason i was lead on this journey was so i could meet all of these genuine people who have added so much texture to my life!  tracy and her family are a few of those people! i have known tracy now for several years and am so thankful she is a part of my life! she is an uplifting friend and person!! seeing her, when i do, is always a gift!!! seeing her family, being with her children, and listening to her husband talk (he’s from france; they are going there for the holidays *jealous*) is always, always a treat!!!! ;)

tracy, thank you. thank you for being my friend and a blessing in my life!!!!

happy holidays to you!!!! xx

love you guys!!! xxoo kj

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