“white” christmas: making magic

jaren and i feel we are hanging on to gun’s innocence in regards to christmas by a thread. he still wholeheartedly believes and is totally motivated by the “you better behave or i will call santa; i have him on speed dial” schtick! but there are enough kids on the playground sharing their thoughts on the myths of the holiday that have him questioning for sure!! i still believes, but has started the questions for sure and in the meantime we carry on with the elf on the shelf and the mystical north pole, and yada yada yada, and we all LOVE it!!! i will admit that even when i was let in on the secret of the holiday i still wanted to believe in my heart that there really was a santa claus. i like to image that there really is, it’s sweet to think of, when you think of it, jolly man, elves that do his bidding, fresh baked cookies at a whim, cozy year long fire, being a part of the most favorite and celebrated time of year, not a bad gig.

during the holidays jaren and i both wish for much cooler temps and just for the month of december, literally december 1 it falls and dec 31 it is swept away, we wish for snow!! our kids have yet to see, and fell, and dance in and lie in, and make angels, in real snow!

a few days ago we dropped homework and other responsibilities to make a little bit of magic, and hopefully a memory or two.

gun and lark, you two are magic to me!! i love you, mom

fake snow at target: $2.50

making it snow with my children: priceless

and because of these two i will keep the magic alive as long. as. i. can.

kamee june 2012 black friday weekend sale

now i know that some of you really enjoy being a part of the black friday mayhem!! i get it. it’s a distinctive energy for sure!! there was a time when i really enjoyed it myself. it totally get being up at 300am for some kind of deal you just will find no where else!!

now, i sit at the computer, in my jammies, with a plate of left overs and a diet coke and i click “add to cart” and then “buy”, and i feel the anxiety level decrease, and that’s the energy i seek these days!!! ;)

then i decorate the tree and watch a great holiday movie snuggled with my littles.

for those of you sitting at home on friday doing your shopping like me, via the internet, then you can hit my sale today too. and if you are out and about in the shopping throng then you do have all weekend to pop over here and check out the great deals i am offering for this year’s black friday!!! you have an entire weekend to shop here! the sale will close on sunday at midnight! so get your shop on. check things out, mull it over, and then come back to make your purchases!!

spread the word to your friends, especially those getting married; however there is something here for everyone!!!
go on! get to stuffing everyone’s stockings with kamee june!!! ;)

happy shopping and holidays!!!!!!!!

a few things to keep in mind about the kamee june sale:

all sales are final.

the black friday promotions do not apply to previous promotions or future promotions.

and everything that you book during the black friday sale needs to be redeemed within a year’s time!!

email me with any questions you might have at kamee@kameejune.com. i’ll be available to help all weekend!!! cheers, kj

just a quick image from our italian thanksgiving at buca di beppo! these two and their dad make my heart the happiest; so excited for the holidays with my babies and my man!!


10% off black friday weekend sale: kamee june portrait session, kamee june wedding package, AND the kamee june wedding weekend experience

kamee june portrait session

the perfect gift for anyone: family, friends, high school seniors, engaged couples, neighbors, literally everybody: a portrait session! it’s impossible to put a price tag on memories!! the portrait session includes two hours of shoot time at a location of your choice and an online gallery with 50-200 images (prints or digital files are purchased after according to my price list.) the kamee june portrait session is originally $275.00, it is being offered at 10% today and thru the weekend! buy one for all your friends!! i would love to be stuffed in everyone’s stocking!

the button to purchase a kamee june portrait session is at the bottom of this post! ;)

kamee june weddings

attention all brides and grooms!!! if you book your wedding with me this weekend you will get an automatic 10% off your total package price!!!!! ;) if you pay in full this weekend i will give you an additional 10% off your package total!! that’s a huge savings on wedding photography!!!

contact me with questions and for more details at kamee@kameejune.com! jump on this deal; it’s a significant savings on wedding photography!!! ;)

ps this discount doesn’t apply to brides and grooms who have already booked; don’t worry, i’ll take care of y’all too!!! ;) i have lots of gifts up my sleeves!! it also can’t be applied to any future discounts. it’s good for these three days only!!

wedding weekend with kamee june

AND i am so happy to announce that i am adding another mentoring session to my kickin’ it with kamee june repetoire!! i am going to be starting something called a wedding weekend with kamee june! basically we hang out all day before a real wedding taking place on a saturday. we discuss all of your questions in regards to booking the wedding clients YOU want and need, cultivating a great client working relationship, wedding day techniques and tips, basically whatever questions you have about shooting a wedding, we cover it. we get you ready to put it all to practice and then the day after we literally put it to practice by shooting a real wedding together!!! then the day after the wedding we will debrief a bit on the experience and have a quick image review of what we shot and how you felt about it all!!!

this experience is going to retail for $1250.00, but for the next three days it is on sale for 10% off the regular price!

booking this will depend on available wedding dates. please contact me at kamee@kameejune.com with questions and wedding weekend dates!! you can pay now to ensure the discount and then we can slip you in in the next year; i have so many GREAT weddings coming up that i would love to have you as a part of!


please email me any questions you have in regards to anything!! excited to hear from you and have you be a part of all of this!!

cheers and happy shopping!!



20% off black friday weekend sale: Love+Marriage=Baby Carriage tuition

another chance to get in on the lmbc april 12-14th, 2013 large group workshop at a discounted tuition price! you have all weekend to save 20% on your tuition, and be a part of this incredible opportunity! we would love to you there!

our workshop is essentially an inclusive approach to being a versatile photographer and multi-faceted entrepreneur. the workshop spans three days; three days of valuable instruction, methodology, and practice. we will discuss our inspirations, branding, marketing, pricing, time management, our individual workflows and our photoshop techniques. we want to show you how we shoot what we LOVE! the workshop will help you be a more holistic shooter!

this workshop has been crafted for the photographer established in his/her business; the goal is to take you to a higher level, to stretch you towards bigger goals!

we are so excited for this workshop, and would to have you as a part of it all!

check out more details on the large group workshop here: kjr collaboration

please feel free to email me or julie at kjrcollaboration@gmail.com with any questions you might have in regards to the workshop!! we would love to have you there!


30% off black friday weekend sale: kamee june portrait and digital file sessions

the general consumer is wanting digital files these days!! no problem! ;) i created a few digital packages a few years back that have sold like hotcakes since! my top three sellers are on sale this weekend 30% off!!!

these are the original prices and the packages. the discounted is shown in the paypal button! ;)

the kontemporary: package three
$895.00 (plus tax; session fee is included in total)
2 hour session at a location of your choice 20 fully enhanced digital images on dvd (full resolution and full edits)

the kouture: package four
$995.00 (plus tax; session fee is included in total)
most popular package!!
2 hour session at a location of your choice 30 artistically enhanced images AND complete dvd with the full gallery of images (50-200 photographs; favorite 30 will be fully enhanced.)

the kouture extended: package five
$1195.00 (plus tax;session fee is included in total)
2 hour session at a location of your choice 16×20 gallery wrap canvas 40 artistically enhanced images AND complete dvd with the fully gallery images (50-200 photographs; favorite 40 will be fully enhanced.)

this weekend they are all on sale for 30% off the original price!! everything in the package is still included there is just and added deal for YOU!!
this is great purchase for family members, friends, relatives that are recently engaged, even yourself. i don’t know if you can ever really put a price on making a memory!!!

please email me if you have any questions in regards to the packages at kamee@kameejune.com.



40% off black friday weekend sale: kickin’ it with kamee june

it’s no surprise that this teacher loves to teach. combining teaching with photography has been one of my favorite career fusions!!!

i also love walking in to an experience expecting, hoping, wishing for something, and walking out of it feeling fulfilled inspired and prepared for the next step, whatever it may be.

i feel incredbly flatter when i am contacted by other photographers to either photograph their families or asked to get together to “talk shop”. i do also feel a bit intimidated, because, like everything i want to do a really great job.

i always hope you come before with a knowledge base, and leave with a completely different scope. that’s always my goal, at least. and you leaving having shot some really incredible images, like these:

and these:

my good friend and colleague teryn, of teryn lee photography shared this on her experience kickin’ it, “my experience with kamee was nothing short of amazing. never has the term ‘game changer’ entered my vocabulary so much as it did after my kickin’ it with kamee. that’s what the session really was for me: a game changer. i left feeling completely inspired. so many things that kamee said or showed me have altered the way i feel about my photography as an art and a business. kamee truly is a wonderful person. not only am i inspired by her beautiful work but i am motivated by her encouragement. i still continue to draw upon what i learned from kamee and have benefited immensely from all her advice. i know for me, the session was worth beyond every penny.”

who wouldn’t want to live next door to someone who said such nice things? ;) thanks teryn, so much! i loved our day too!! if you aren’t following her already, get her on your rss feed now! she is a talent beyond compare and you will fall in love with her personality immediately.

and i would love to meet you as well. would love to create a day customized to you and your photographic journey, something that shows you progress, your before and after. ;)

treat yourself to a different perspective and set of eyes for your business and work!! let’s meet, and kick it!!

this is the original pricing; everything in regards to kickin it with me is 40% off if you purchase your mentor session this weekend!! you will still get the same package only it will be 40% less the current price.

personalized instruction pricing

the couture: entire day of kickin’ it with kamee june

8 hours personalized instruction style: a full shoot, lunch, and dinner

kickin’ it solo: $950.00

kickin’ it with a wingman: $1350.00

kickin’ it with 3 or more kickers: $550.00/kicker

the contemporary: half a day of kickin’ it with kamee june

4 hours of personalized instruction time: a mini-shoot, and dinner

kickin’ solo: $750.00

kickin’ it with a wingman: $1250.00

kickin’ it with 3 or more kickers: $450.00/kicker

the classic: kickin‘ it with kamee june

we’ll grab drinks and talk for an hour or two

kickin’ it solo: $350.00

kickin’ it with a wingman: $480.00

kickin’ it with 3 or more kickers: $240.00/kicker

the prices below are just for individual photographers. if you are interested in kickin’ it with a few friends email me and i will send a customized invoice with the discounted price; please email me at kamee@kameejune.com for any questions you might have in regards to kickin’ it!


50% AND 75% off black friday weekend sale: kamee june flashcards

the perfect stocking stuffer for yourself or a friend interested in photography and shooting better pictures of friends or their own children OR for the working professional photographer who needs a few new tips and tricks in her bag, the kamee june flashcards offer a quick guide to posing, lighting, camera settings, working with clients, and even post processing your images.

the photoshop set includes 40 4×6 cards. (41 if you include the “before you kick off” card with ideas and suggestions to keep in mind before tackling the creative suite.)

i include the sooc image with the specs (aperture, shutter speed, and iso), the time of day and what light it was shot in, and the fully photoshop-ed card with the recipe on the back.

the cards include tips on softening skin, improving skin tones, popping color without over popping, my basic kj recipe, and a few other tips and tricks to add some wow factor to your final images!!

a note on the photoshop cards: about 85% of my work post process is done with photoshop actions: totally rad actions, mcp, kubota, pioneer woman, etc. i mostly use totally rad and kubota. just something to keep in mind, that they are part of the recipes.

the photoshop flash cards alone are originally on sale for $175.00 (plus a $15.00 shipping and handling fee.) this weekend they are selling for 87.50 (plus a $5.00 shipping fee).

the other sets are 4×6 cards that have a picture i took on the front, then on the back they include the specs (aperture, shutter speed, and iso), the time of day and what light it was shot in, and a tip on how to get the same effect.

i currently have flash cards for: families, couples, kids, light, and composition. (these sets range from 15-20 cards/set.) you can buy the full set or buy them individually too.

couples, light, and composition are originally sold for $35/set, and families and kids are originally sold for $30/set (they are reduced in price because they only include a tip on the back not the specs or the time of day when the image was shot). this weekend the couples, light, and composition cards are $17.50 (plus a $5.00 shipping fee), and families and kids are $15.00 (plus a $5.00 shipping fee).

OR you can choose to buy all 6 sets (photoshop, composition, light, families, couples, and kids) in one bundle for 75% off the original bundle price of $275.00!!!! BUY THE BUNDLE for sure!!! this weekend the bundle is being sold for $68.75 (plus a $10.00 shipping fee).

“My holiday gift to myself was the complete set of photography flash cards from the incredible Kamee June! Amazing!! My love for photography and desire to learn more has always led me in search of new and inspiring tools and these are by far my favorites!!! I leave them sitting on my desk at all times and find myself looking through them often. Her photos along with her thought process for each photo on the index sized cards are encouraging and challenge my own creativity! Not only are they insightful and filled with many tips, they are beautiful and full of so much inspiration! I love them and cannot wait for the next batch!!!”kellie carter

they are a perfect treat for yourself or your friends and hopefully will help with the creative juices before you shoot, while you are shooting, and even after the shoot!!!

i would love for you to have them in your arsenal of guidebooks, textbooks, and other inspirational tools!!

please email me at kamee@kameejune.com with any questions you have regarding the cards! if you purchase them this weekend they will ship out by dec. 1st.


a bit of whimsy

The midnight sky lay stretched before me,
as I quickly tiptoed ‘cross the milky way ~
and stars became my effervescent stepping stones
while moonbeams gleamed in brilliant, golden rays.

A myriad of twinkling gems were strung awry,
as though welcoming me with their brilliant light,
and there seemed a million dreams to be fulfilled
as stardust fell upon this rare and lustrous night.

A curving moon, not full, but only quarter-size,
beckoned to me as I gently leaped from star to star
and to moon’s side I swiftly flew, beguiled,
by it’s light that softly set the night afire.

Curving to the crescent shape with quickened heart,
held within a realm of bending light ~
my eyes fell upon the rounded world below
and there I cast a wish upon a star in flight.

Alas, sleep tiptoed by to dim the moon and stars,
as I hung suspended ‘twixt earth and dreams
in a place where nothing’s truly real ~
and nothing’s ever really as it seems…

A place called ‘Whimsy’…
–hazelmarie elliot

my little spooks

about a year ago i got together with a colleague and friend of mine, renee hindman, happens to inspire me on so many levels. she is a mom first and a photographer second, but she tries to shoot something once a month that is just for her kids. i love listening to her stories of all the shoots she has put together for her girls! it has inspired me to want to do more with mine! to make memories for them, of them. renee and i are starting an annual october shoot. last year we did the pumpkin patch with a charlie brown infusion.

this year we let our little spooks “haunt” the carriage house. next year, well, you’ll have to wait and see!! ;)

doesn’t matter the shoot; pictures of my littles are invaluable to me! i love these images and these two so very much!! and i especially love the memories we are making while they are so little!! i can hear them playing “haunted house” right now with their friends. it’s making me smile; i want their childhoods to be so filled with so many fond things!

gunnar and larkin, you hold my heart!!! i love you both so much!! xxoo mom

the next two? i love ‘em!

oh my boy, you are getting so big, so handsome, and are so sweet!! stay that way, forever please!!!

right about here lark decided she had had enough of haunting that house. and even though she was alive she was making sounds that would wake the dead:

i love you both so much my little spooks; my life would be scary without you!! ;) xoxo mom

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