yellow was incredibly, ridiculously, painfully covetous of her allure. when in reality she was a transcendent compliment to her beauty.

hair and make up: jessica frederick

florals and decor: nancy teasley

dress: elyse reuben

venue: awesome carriage house

model: tymorie covington

and to my good friend and lover of all things yellow, kellie carter, all these yellow flowers are for you!! xxoo

check out the video with a few more highlight from yellow. the song alone is reason to click play…may it take you away into a romantic and mellow long weekend!! thank you to everyone who made these images possible; i love you all very much!!!

happiness, hits like a bullet: veronica and marcus, married!!!

marcus was the most emotional groom i have ever met. every time he saw me he hugged me and told me  how grateful he was. it wasn’t a dramatic emotional it was an incredibly moved by the fact that it was finally happening, the fact that veronica would finally be his wife, and that everyone they loved the most was present- emotional. it was sweet and endearing. just like thetwo of them, the three of them actually!! ;) (i am sure you remember their engagement session!! ;)) this wedding is long over due, but i am so happy to finally be able to post a few highlights from veronica and marcus’s wedding. i am smiling thinking about how much i was hugged that day; i loved it!! all of it. here’s to them and their, oh geez, has it been that long already?, their 5 month anniversary!!! i am sending you all metaphorical hugs, a ton of them!!

one of he sweetest first looks. ever. i do love a man who isn’t afraid to cry when he is so incandescently happy!!

all day long marcus kept telling veronica how happy he was and how he promised, for the rest of his days, to always, always, make her happy too. getting choked up again thinking about it!! i have no doubt he will. he will have no other goal than to make she and lyric happy!!

being both positive and animated themselves it was no surprise to me that their bridal party would be as fun as they are:

tender and sweet ceremony, like they all should be. (detail i loved: veronica walked down the aisle to sweet child of mine. genius choice!!)

such a rad little family!!

and a portrait session i adored and still do:

and as their first dance song sang it, they really are “better together’!!! happy 5 month anniversary veronica and marcus! thank you a thousand times over for the opportunity to be there!! much love to you all!!! xoxo kj

enjoy the slideshow from their wedding day! all the details were coordinated by christina of managing i do!! check her out for sure! ;) thank again to everyone; it was such a great day!!!

san diego photography workshop: lmbc october workshop- flash sale!!


it’s here!!

your chance to get in on the lmbc october large group workshop at a discounted tuition price! you have from now until monday august 27th, at midnight to jump on this offer to save 20% on your tuition, and be a part of this incredible opportunity! we would love to you there!

our workshop is essentially an inclusive approach to being a versatile photographer and multi-faceted entrepreneur. the workshop spans three days; three days of valuable instruction, methodology, and practice. we will discuss our inspirations, branding, marketing, pricing, time management, our individual workflows and our photoshop techniques. we want to show you how we shoot what we LOVE! the workshop will help you be a more holistic shooter!

this workshop has been crafted for the photographer established in his/her business; the goal is to take you to a higher level, to stretch you towards bigger goals!

we are so excited for this workshop, and would to have you as a part of it all!

check out more details on the large group workshop  here: kjr collaboration

we are particularly excited about this workshop’s venue!! it’s got a very urban-retro feel to it; perfect for the style and vibe of our shoots!


to receive the 20% discount you must register here or at julie’s website before midnight on august 27th, 2012!!





managing i do

a few months ago i shot veronica and marcus’s wedding. (the full post and slide show are pending; hang tight. they are the follow-up to this post.)

veronica’s cousin, christina, a friend i had photographed previously, was coordinating the wedding and had taken care of several of the before, day of and back end details. i was so impressed with christina on the day of the wedding that during the dinner hour i asked her if she ever considered coordinating weddings or special events. she told me she had considered it, but was waiting for the right moment!! i am a sucker for female entrepreneurs so i told her that this was her moment and that she needed to be a part of this industry!! she has such a great vision, such panache and spirit, and when it’s time to take care of business she. makes. things. happen. and is no-nonsense!! i love it!!! i love her and i love what she is going to offer this industry!! if you are looking for a wedding coordinating, party planner or event orchestrator, christina would be so incredible to work with!! she will make you feel like the most important person while planning the most important day of your life!

we got together earlier in the summer for a little shoot that she orchestrated herself! i LOVED seeing all of her details and creativity!! she asked if people really do this for work then said, “cuz this is all just fun to me!” i could tell! she bounced around the shoot offering more little bits of color and interest to photograph! i was so impressed with all of it and with her! she is the real deal!!! this romantically whimsical shoot is brought to you by christina of managing i do, jessica hale frederick of styles by jessica frederick, our models jillian and ryan, and me, too! ;)

enjoy!! may it take you into our last holiday of summer, memorial day!! from the temps we are having it feels like we might be celebrating summer into our halloween costumes!! ;)

here’s to talented people making waves, setting goals, reaching for dreams, and making visions realities!! here’s to you christina! can’t wait to see where you take this biz of yours!! hope to be a part of more it and more of your genius someday soon!!!

cheers to you!!! kj

and a little something reminiscent of 16 candles circa 1984

check out more of christina’s great ideas and work by watching this slide show!! be sure to check out her site too and keep her in mind for your wedding or next celebration!!!


the flouncy flouncy: the most perfect wedding hair style. ever.

i have been dreaming about ali’s hair since her wedding day, trying to mock it on my own head, wishing for the old hollywood glam to appear on me, willing my iron to do the same magic as ali’s stylist’s.

i just loved these curls and the whole look it gave ali!!

just the curls for now. the whole look later!!

here’s to the perfect wedding hair!!

enjoy some flouncy flouncy:

i’ll pin curl my hair every night if this is what i get in the morning.

their full wedding day is coming!! along with so much more!

until then thanks for being so inspiring ali!! much love!! xoxo kj

sitting on the dock of the bay

my family and i got back from a ridiculously needed vacation last sunday, where we basically did a whole bunch of NOTHING, which couldn’t have been more perfect!! the days felt long. the rest was full and complete. and the company was easy going and mellow. coming back, was, well, just plain rude. the proverbial ground was hit with running shoes: we started 2nd grade, went back to the FULL swing of work, got back into routines, and laundry was washed and folded for two full days. regardless of the rude check back into reality, our reality is a great one to check back into! and there really is no place like home! the last couple of days though have taken me back to a metaphorical dock, on a figurative bay, wasting time i now wish i had more of!

i shot these images months ago. (this is an indicator as to how far back i am on blogging. seriously. i could go back to NAM with how much i need to blog! it’s pathetic…) these images were taken at the first love+marriage=baby carriage workshop that i co-hosted with my good friend and colleague julie rollins. the workshop was one of those experiences that you loved so much, but have such a hard time explaining because everything about it was so unbelievable, kind of like 7 days of vacation! ;)

julie and i are planning our 2nd workshop this october and would love to have you as a part of it!! you can check out all the details and reserve your spot here! it’s going to be one of the best vacations/experiences/opportunities/workshops you ever attend! not to mention the community you will come away with, the new skill set your will acquire, the business practices and procedure you will adopt, and the images you will create!! ;)

these images were shot on our first day of the workshop at our couples shoot. we shot them at the newport dunes in newport california,  and katrina kirk is responsible for their hair, make up and styling.

i hope they take you someplace peaceful and relaxing, even if it is just for a few moments in the catacombs of your vacation mind!!

i loved the time i had to actually snuggle my man, for longer than 3.2 mili-seconds of a moment. it was good to be close and not have to race to the next thing. i needed that, for sure.

just felt good to not have to rush anywhere and to have the people closest to my heart closest to me. was the best “good” ever.

thank you to julie, the dunes, our model couple, katrina, amanda for finding the dunes, and everyone who came to the workshop for being present!! ;)

here’s to everyone who will be at the october workshop, and to finding a few moments in life that feel like vacation in the every day hustle!

much love everyone, kj

ps keep your eyes on the blog and facebook for a killer end of summer kj blow out sale!!!! it’s coming soon and is going to be hot! (kind of like our ridiculous weather!! ;))

2nd grade

it kind of wigs me out (in a good and amazing sense of wiggin’) that a human body can conceive another human body.

and that that little human can be born, and breath, and live, and grow.

what really wigs me out is how fast it all happens.

how really fast it all is happening.

this was last year. the day before starting 1st grade:

and this was how wise and even more handsome he had waxed by the end of the first legit year of school:

and this (insert serious wiggin’) is where he sat on our back porch on the eve of 2nd grade.

it is amazing to me what summer sun does to the weeds.

gunnar, watching you grow is one of my life’s most profound gifts. i love you. so much. everything about you is my favorite:

may you keep growing: tall, strong, wise, kind, understanding, and good both in heart and nature. may you always know that you  are loved, by many, and that home is always safe!

may you know you got your looks from your mother! ;) ha!!

and may you always have a certain spirit of youth about you, no matter how old you grow:

same rules apply cowboy:

be nice. to everyone.

be the friend you would want to have.





and remember: poo and pee jokes really aren’t that awesome.

we love you. more than words, space, or time will ever comprehend.

go now. take on 2nd grade. we’ll be here to see it all happen and will be proud of you every moment on the way!

before i know it i’ll turn around and see this face in this cap, even though in reality the face will be 11 years older, perhaps a bit tanner from summer sun’s and swims, but still as sweet and loving as it is today, right now.

gunnar, you are my greatest accomplishment son! nothing i will ever do will compare to you or larkin! may you know and remember that, always!!!

i’ll be out front of the school waiting for you. waiting to hear all about the first day of the 2nd grade!! i love you, mom


it’s coming; i promise

summer. family in town. weddings. more family in town. children. more children. the neighborhood children. more family in town. weddings. the beach. the water park. more neighborhood children. here. there. everywhere…

i have so much to blog it’s ridiculous. if i could clone myself the soul purpose of the clone would be to sit and blog. that’s how bogged it is!! i have holiday pictures from 2009 in the cue. not kidding; it’s pretty backed-up!!

i promise to get on it when my kiddos are back in school and i have a bit of time to concentrate on what’s in front of me! i’m certain the majority of you totally and completely get it. the rest of you, share the secret, please!! ;)

i meant to get a big, big blog post up this week of paige and angel’s wedding, but alas, it didn’t happen!!

hang on to this for now…

and let this tide you over until i get back to a normal routine and have my computer all to myself:

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