the prelude to a wedding: paige and angel’s poolside pre-wedding party

every choice they made was absolutely, most definately, perfect.

i knew when i first met angel (at a wedding almost a year ago; i was shooting and he was dj-ing), i knew he was cool. the kind of person that drips cool. i also could tell that he was a really good guy and a totally devoted family man and friend. he told me that he was going to be getting married himself soon and like any good photographer i gave him my card and told him that i would love to be a part of his day and that i hoped he call me to discuss his photography needs!

when he called, i couldn’t stop smiling. when he told me about their wedding plans i couldn’t contain my photography spirit from jumping out of my skin. angel, no novice to the wedding industry himself, knew he wanted to do things differently. i can still hear him describing it all to me, “ok kj, check it: we are renting out this totally amazing hotel as our venue in palm springs. it has really modern vibe to it: clean and bright. friday we are going to start all the festivities with a pool party. we want you there for that for sure…” the prelude to their wedding was a palm springs pool party.

‘nuf said.

everything about their wedding dripped cool.

i contacted my good friend, a colleague i admire more than she will ever know, teryn lee, and said, “meet me in palm springs for a wedding!! oh, and bring your swimsuit. our first day of shooting swimsuits are mandatory!!” even though we walked into the pool area totally out of place with our suits on and our big cameras around our necks, we were immediately accepted by all of paige and angel’s friends as friends and family ourselves. they knew we were there to document, but we were embraced instantaneously as friends! it was one of those weekends where we had to remind ourselves we were working. the whole event from the pool party to the wedding was filled with so much friendship, family, and love that it didn’t, for once, feel like work, but rather an amazing experience where two people made one significant promise surrounded by their most favorite people. i was so happy to have been there!! this is the first post of two. their wedding day deserves a post all its own; it will be next, but for now enjoy a little dip in a refreshing palm springs pre wedding day pool!!!

the slideshow below is a compilation of my images and teryn’s!! teryn, thank you so much for sharing the weekend and your talents with me and angel and paige!! i am so blessed to have you in my life; you are a photography goddess divine!!! thank you for being there!!

paige and angel, nothing but love for you and your way cool-ness!!! thank you for taking us in and being so good to us all weekend!!

enjoy the pool party slide show! may it inspire you to take a swim with your closest people! their wedding day is coming up next!!! ;)

oh, and one more of teryn and me, poolside!! ;)

by the sea, by the sea: sneak peek

every weekend i witness it. every weekend i am inspired by it. every weekend i drink it in. and never once do i tire of seeing, feeling, and sharing in romance and love.

just a sneak peek at kimberly and dave’s seaside wedding. more soon!!

and there was just something about this second in time, that i really, really loved.

the dress

it’s usually the first main detail found and purchased after the engagement, and the first main detail photographed on wedding day.

it’s the most important dress she’ll ever wear, and, undeniably, the most beautiful.

and when she looks back on the photographs of it, and her in it, she must always, unfailingly, remember that she was the most beautiful woman to ever exist.

it was so prepossessing it whispered to me the moment we met, “i deserve to be photographed as much as time allows, because she deserves to remember how beautiful she made me look…”



xoxox kj

this weekend

i’m headed to santa barbara.

i’m looking forward to the road trip with my good friend and colleague, rebecca diebolt. the drive along the coast with her is going to be an absolute blast.

i’m excited about eating a meal, actually enjoying it, not inhaling it because my children consumed theirs at mock speed and i am supposed to do the same.

i’m looking forward to sleeping in: 730am would be great. yes, that’s sleeping in.

mostly, i’m excited to be a part of brooke and rob’s wedding. i’m certain i will cry several times during the day simply because i love these two so much and am so happy to be a part of their life again. i am honored to be photographing their wedding.

much love brooke and rob; here’s to you both and a really incredible wedding and  life ahead!!

can’t wait for all of this weekend!

xoxo kj

enjoy this slideshow of their engagement session!! so excited to share one from their wedding day!!

the side of the road: lili and bryan engaged!

a long time ago landon pigg sang a song about falling in love in a coffee shop or something like that.

i wish someone would write a song about falling in love on the side of the road. cuz that’s what happened when i got together with lili and bryan. i fell in love with them on the side of the road. someone write a song about it. someone write a song about these two. please. write a song about the side of the road and lili and bryan a very sweet and very real love.

if photographs were lyrics my song would play like this.

and you would hit repeat all. day. long.

lili and bry, the side of the road was never more charming or lovely. thanks for the afternoon. can’t wait to be there to record more memories. for now remember this: put your backs to the sun!!! :) xoxox much love to you both, kj

enjoy the slide show with a few more images from their shoot!! much love you two!!

(to view it full screen click the icon on the bottom right! ;))

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