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BIG NEWS!!!! i am so excited to announce that my new business venture with julie rollins from julie rollins photography has officially launched!!! please visit our new website, KJR Collaboration, where we have teamed up to offer a series of workshops and personalized business mentoring sessions. in celebration of our launch we are having a 48-hour SALE and are offering and 10% discount off of all tuition!!! this discount is valid through June 30th, 2012. Please visit our website for further details and contact us at kjrcollaboration@gmail.com with any questions!! so excited!!! kj

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the HOT june special: a few more days!!!

there are just a few days left to jump on the june special!!!

they sale ends at midnight on the 30th of june!

get to booking while the sale is HOT!

speaking of. allow these two to put a little extra fire under you to get you to book!

remember we don’t have to shoot in june, you just have to book. and to get the special all you have to do is put a deposit down ($100 for portraits sessions and $500 for weddings!!)

email me for more details and to book the hot june special at kamee@kameejune.com

oh lovely day: a feature!


the museum anthro bride is being featured on oh lovely day!!!!

so excited! so happy!! so grateful!!!

thank you to tymorie for being our ever-so-sweet model, to jessica for perfect hair and make-up (all three looks), to nancy for the gorgeous florals, cakes, and “rentals”, to elyse for the amazing couture gowns, and to amanda for being my wingman!! much love and congratulations to you all!


the brink

gabby, you are on the brink of one of the most exciting times in your life. if you even had the smallest inkling of what awaits, you would be filled with so much energy you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself still. you are beautiful; your future is too. congratulations to you, on all your many accomplishments, and to your class as well. here’s to 2012, and the closing of a truly significant chapter in your life. just wait for the next chapter; it’s going to be really good, better than you can even imagine!!

much love to you gabby!! congratulations again!!!

enjoy your day today and all the emotion it brings!!  may you record it all in your memory as one of your greatest days!! xoxo kj

walk tall today gabby; YOU DID IT!!!!!

ps congrats on the white robe; that is so neat!!! :)

what beautiful looks like

if every woman felt as beautiful as she looked on her wedding day the world, all of it, would be a much happier, not to mention prettier, place.

paige was an incandescantly beautiful bride. may she always feel the way she looked on her wedding day!!

excited to share more from paige and angel’s palm springs wedding weekend soon!!

until then, may you all feel beautiful, in some way, today!!

much love to you both, paige and angel! i was so happy to have been there!! xox0 kj


it is an impossible place to ever forget. and the way you feel when you are here is something that can only be described by the truly poetic, but to experience london with the one who loves you the most, to walk her streets with the person who holds your hand, and your heart, is something acutely profound and deeply consequential.

erin and brett, i am sure your hearts won’t soon forget london. just a sneak peek of it, with the two of you, for now!

much love, truly, madly, deeply, from my heart to both of yours, for this experience and opportunity!! can’t wait to share more and get together to reminisce on the time, we took a trip, to london!!

xxoo kj

drip cool

it’s early am in london. i’m up. ready to see my friend and get out in a city i love even though the forecast says it is going to drip rain today. no matter. i’m beyond excited to be here regardless of the dripping.

i spent much of my trip from la to london working on paige and angel’s engagement images. i will associate them with the kick off to my trip, and my travels toward london for sure! their wedding is going to be unlike anything i have ever photographed before!! i get home from london and hit the ground running to them and their festivities in palm springs! everything about them, about their lives, their style, and their wedding is cool. they, drip cool. being with them made me cooler. ;) can’t wait for an added dose of cool at their party and wedding!! until then enjoy their engagement session!!

can’t wait to celebrate with you both and your undeniable cool friends and families!! ;) thank you so much for sharing it all with me!! much, much love to you both, kj

the newness of june: a kamee june-june special

i got this in an email yesterday. it was perfect for what i was feeling and thinking:

“can you feel the stretch of light

the days ahead

the rush of new”

happy first day of june!!! happy first day of summer!!! i love all the connotations that come with june and summer: longer days, romance, sun-kissed skin, drive-in movies, empty schools, long chats on the patio with a chilled drink, sparklers on the fourth, grilled meals outside while the kids run through the sprinkler, all of it, i love!!! (minus the heat, but that’s a different blog post entirely of it’s own! ;))

i also love a good, flirtatious summer wedding!!! mmmmmm-hmmmmm! so excited for the summer weddings on the books for this year! so looking forward to what’s in store to photograph and witness! so happy to be a part of summer romance at its ultimate!

in honor of how much i love june, and the start of summer, i am offering a “book in june”- newness of june special!!! ;) the special applies to wedding packages and portrait sessions; the event does NOT have to be in june, just the booking. also, a deposit is all you need to book the special! (portrait sessions need to be redeemed a year from booking. weddings can be redeemed up to three years from booking.) all you have to do is book in june to get the special!!! ;)

weddings- newness of june special:

i currently have two wedding packages. (please email me to get a full pdf of wedding pricing to be able to better see and understand the savings!)

if you book the first package you will get: 10% off your entire package price,  your favorite 10 digital images from your engagement session and wedding included on your dvd with full enhancements (note: all the images from your engagement and wedding day will be included on a dvd; with this special you can choose your favorite 10 to go through an artistic photoshop edit to add the wow factor to the files!! it makes those 10 perfect for printing and framing!!), AND a $100.00 print credit.

if you book the second wedding package you will get: 15% off your entire package price, your favorite 15 digital images from your engagement session and wedding included on your dvd with full enhancements (note: all the images from your engagement and wedding day will be included on a dvd; with this special you can choose your favorite 10 to go through an artistic photoshop edit to add the wow factor to the files!! it makes those 15 perfect for printing and framing!!) AND a $150.00 print credit!!

portrait-newness of june special:

if you book a portrait session with me in the month of june (remember you just have to book, we don’t have to shoot in june, and you have up to a year to use the special) you will get: the session (up to two hours) at a location of your choice, all the images from the session on dvd, and your favorite five images from the session will be included with full artistic photoshop edits, (perfect for next year’s christmas card. ;) don’t even get me started on why it’s best to shoot christmas photos in summer: everyone is healthy, everyone is tan, schedules are more flexible, there isn’t a holiday rush…) for $575.00!

the special begins today and can be applied through june 30th, 2012. get to booking! i look forward to being a part of your memory making this year! please email me at kamee@kameejune.com with your questions and for more details!! excited to hear from you! happy june!

and in honor of june i wanted to share something from the familial archives.

this is my name sake: june smart. she was my grandmother, and he, is, my grandfather, on my dad’s side. i’m named after her, and my children, in essence, are named after both of them. grandma june and grandpa, named their son, my dad, james, after the man in the photography my grandpa james. we named gunnar, gunnar james, after my dad. and our daughter’s first name, larkin, was theirs, and my, last name!

the june-newness of june special is dedicated to my grandparents who, too, experienced a very loyal, real, and romantic love! june and james larkin were married (not in june; that would have been cool!! ;)) on the 6th of may, 1943. no matter how you spin it or from what generation you hale, “love, is love, is love, is love, is love…”

so looking forward to being a part of your love!! excited to hear from you! cheers and much love, kj

(ps this special does not apply to already booked packages or sessions. it also doesn’t apply to any future promotion.)

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