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i just got home from a few days in vegas. i went with close friends and colleagues that i admire and appreciate. it was one of those trips when you come home you feel, happy to be coming home, but truly sad that the trip had to end because it was SO. MUCH. FUN. we went to vegas for a huge photography convention help every year. it’s great. days filled with speakers ready to infuse knowledge and inspiration into your practices. one photographer, jerry ghionis, shared how he shot a recent wedding in-between regular shots with his camera with his iphone. i LOVED what i saw and decided i wanted to try the same! i asked my most recent shoot if she would mind if we played around a bit in between takes. she was on board and i loved what we got. i shot all of these images on my iphone, ran the filter rise from instagram on them, resized them in photoshop, added my watermark, and this was the outcome. not something for the living room wall, but certainly something for the walls of the creative mind!

thank you miranda for the fun and for being willing.

i hope you will look closer at these images. in a few, the longer you do so, the more you see. like this one:

enjoy an interesting take on someone who is really beautiful.

luck be a lady: a sneak peek

i have so much to share from my trip to vegas, but this, right here, was for sure a highlight.

my dear friend and colleague asked me to be a part of their trip. alissa had never been to vegas before. so she and her man took advantage of it all. they even topped it off with a photo shoot at the neon musuem of just the two of them, just because!! ;) (i love that!)

there is so much more to share, especially about how much i adore this woman! but in the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek!!!

so many more to share soon!! until then, alissa and josh, thank you, thank you so much for this opportunity! i could have spent the entire day wrapped in the peace you two resonate!!! i’ll be back with more from the boneyard!! xoxo kj

love is love is love is love is love is love is beautiful: kiley and danny sneak peek

i’m at a photography conference in vegas right now. i’m with some great girlfriends, am having an incredible time, and feel like i am learning and soaking up so much invaluable knowledge.

yesterday i sat in on a class given by elizabeth messina, a photographer and person i admire. she was sharing her feelings about how she makes balance happen in her life through the photographs she takes. she shared, “love is love is love is love is love is love is beautiful.” i got a little emotional because that’s how i feel at every wedding i shoot!

just a few for now from kiley and danny’s love is love is love is beautiful wedding:

something about this one i just loved:

was so happy to have been a part of this celebration; we all sang in the rain for sure!! ;) more to come!

prelude to a baby

this was the first email i got from katie:

“Hi Kamee,

My name is Katie and I would like to first tell you the interesting way of how I first stumbled upon your blog.  My husband is awesomely named Kam, so when I was searching to see if I can name “Kam and Fam” for our blog, and was quite peeved that it already has been taken by you!  So out of resentment and curiosity, I decided to read your blog to see if you’re worthy of taking our blog name, and couldn’t stop ever since.

I’ve followed your stories about your 2 little ones and your blossoming and successful career as a photographer.  Now the time has come that we need someone to capture pregnancy memories of our first child, and I thought how wildly appropriate it would be to inquire about your services…”

i couldn’t stop smiling; i clicked reply and told her so. i knew, instantaneously, that i was going to love this couple! i was so looking forward to meeting the other kam. katie and i even joked about us being each other’s doppelganger, which in itself, is so funny! the day of the shoot they were ever bit as sweet and fun as i thought they would be. katie is having a text book pregnancy and i am so happy for her. she is so elegant and graceful; a few times she looked like a pristine statue of a pending mother goddess. she would glide effortlessly as her breezy dress trailed behind. she’s the pregnant lady we all wish we could be. so beautiful, so regal, so filled with life, metaphorically and literally! her pregnancy thus far has been peaceful. she did say she has started having a bit of heart burn. oh, the agonizing days of pregnancy heartburn… i can empathize on every level. i was thinking of her, of course, while working on these images; while her heart was burning for psyiological reasons, mine was burning with excitment at the thought of these two, really sweet, good, and kind people becoming parents and raising a son as equally charming as they.

katie and kam, there is so much excitement and joy awaiting you! i know you will welcome it all with warmth, enthusiasm, cheer, and much laughter! to the other kam and fam, may you endure the heartburn! ;) it really is just a moment in comparison to the love you will feel for your baby! i am so happy to have met and so happy for you both; riley is one lucky fella! much love to you all, kj

{elevate} a fine art photography exploration: project six

wherefore are these things hid?


maria(the secret keeper), katrina(hair, make-up, and wardrobe), and i share with you, the secret keeper, february’s fine art project. may you consider the secrets you keep, and, the ones you, unfortunately, divulge.

enjoy this month’s circle with one of our new members: gina kolsrud
her work is lovely, as is she!

the most important detail

i recently read an article on another photographer’s blog about how inundated weddings have become with details. his thoughts basically were that the details seemed to have taken away from the major sentiment of the day: the couple and the whole reason the details were gathered: they fell in love. i wish i could remember where i read it to give credit. i love details as much as the next photographer, they are always so visually stunning, but i also feel that the main detail is, and always should be, the couple and a feeling that looks a little like this:

and this:

kiley and danny are getting married next week in seattle. it may rain, it may be dry. there will certainly be a dress, a suit, flowers, a venue, and other fancy details to photograph. i am excited about the opportunity, all of it, but mostly i am excited to spend a day, with their day’s, most. important. detail: them.
beautifully, romantically, and perfectly in love, them. there couldn’t be a finer detail.

kiley, you are going to make such a lovely bride:

and danny, a perfect prop or accessory! ;):

i am so looking forward to being surrounded all day by a love that looks and feels like this:

ahhhh…love this:

all of this:

kiley and danny, you are certain to be the most impressive detail of the day! i can’t wait for it!! see you in seattle next week! i can’t wait to feel it all; thank you for sharing it with me! much love to you both, kj


a heart beating

it’s surreal when the doctor finds a heartbeat. another heart besides your own beating inside of you. there is nothing like that moment. nothing at all. you couldn’t feel it, but the resonations through your doctor’s machine made the new life you hoped for a reality.

my little boy’s heart has been metaphorically hurting lately; has been having a really difficult time with his anxiety. it’s been taxing on the whole family and for sure has me and his dad worried. to be completely honest it has my heart sad. today has been the hardest day by far. he asked if he could sleep with me tonight until his dad got home from school (jaren is getting his mba right now). i pulled the covers over and told him to jump in bed and “snuggle me”. we visited for a bit, talk about what we would name bugs if we could create them, talk about school tomorrow, and some of the things that are floating around in his handsome six-year-old head. he’s asleep now, i just put my hand on his chest to feel his heart beating. i don’t hear it like the first time, i feel it, on every level possible to a mother. i wish i could take all of his heartache away. i would. no questions. no thought. being a parent is for sure the hardest job. ever.

and the most rewarding.

we will work through this time with gun. we’ll figure things out and get him settled. he is such a good boy, with such a sweet heart. i love him. i love both of my children, beyond words, beyond description. they are for sure, my greatest accomplishments. as hard as parenthood can be sometimes it’s also such a gift! in fact i get so excited when i hear that friends or family, neighbors or old acquaintances are having babies. there is just something so incredible about the thought of a new life. i love to consider that new little person: what will he be, what will he do? what will he make of his life? how will he change the lives of others?

when laura told me she and david were having a baby, i couldn’t stop smiling. these two have become family to me! i love that i have been able to be a part of their most monumental life moments! their wedding was so special to be a part of, and, now, they are welcoming a new part of themselves into this world and their life. she is so lucky. they are going to be such mild-mannered, patient, and kind parents. she will be so understood, so cared for, and so deeply and profoundly loved. david and laura are lucky too. even though she isn’t here yet, she has already changed them, and she will continue to do so for years and years to come.

and when she comes into their room at night, needing to “snuggle” they will feel her heart beating through her chest, and offer a silent prayer of gratitude that she exists, and is theirs. just like i did tonight as i held gunnar close.

laura and david, i love you both so much! i am so thankful you exist in my life!! thank you for sharing your greatest moments and your hearts with me!! i can’t wait to meet your newest love!!! here’s to you both and to all the excitement that 2012 holds!!Photobucket

oh, the sweetness of pink.

this one makes my heart beat; i love it!

laura and david, may you remember everything from this time: the excitement, energy, and emotion that lead to a birth day you anticipated for longer than you could remember! so happy for you both! so excited to be a part of it all!! much love to you both, to all three of you actually!! ;) xxoo kj

revisit a place; feel a feeling

i shot this a long time ago at a jessica claire workshop i was helping at. i stumbled across it again tonight. it took me to a very placid place. may it do the same to you!

here’s to love and all things the evoke it!

happy friday!

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